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If your buyer has just stopped buying it’s got to be time to stop selling

What happens next?

If your buyer has just stopped buying it’s got to be time to stop selling – hasn’t it?

Plan.Grow.Do. talks continually about putting the customer and their buying journey at the heart of Sales and Marketing activities.

The concept is sadly being tested at knew unchartered levels.

The need to understand who your customers are, what their challenges are and what their emotions are has never been more important.

Think about the dynamic change to the customer’s journey and are you responding in a way that connects to their reality.

This really is a time when your target, your goal, your quota and your bonus fall to the rank bottom of the queue.

Your customer is likely to be in any phase other than the Purchase Decision phase.

The Plan. Grow. Do. Customer Journey Roadmap

Sales messages and Social Media claims are already reaching a new all time peak, but why?

You’re talking in the Dead Zone!

You’re talking to Customers, Suspects and Prospects who just aren’t buying. Read more about the Dead Zone here “Stop Selling to Suspects”

Instead of adding value, you’re destroying value.

Just think about this from a buyers perspective, Instead of adding value you could be destroying their perception of your brand.

It’s a really tough time, we know, physical Sales Training has dried up. The next 3 months of bookings have been postponed.

Do we know when the tap will be turned on again? No!

We don’t know how much longer this situation will last, what we do know is that there is no value to be created in pitching messages and attempting to sell to people that currently do not want to buy.

Does that mean we stop and take on those DIY tasks that we’ve been putting off or attack the garden in early Spring?

Well maybe, if your buyer isn’t buying, these activities would probably more valuable to your mental health than attempting to sell right now. Read “Effective customer Profiling”

See your Prospect pool as being in a holding pattern right now.

A pattern where you can position yourself as a leading voice and position your services or products as the solution for them when they are buying again – and they will.

Example for us, Sales Training and Team Building will be a significant part of any companies return to normality strategy. It will be part of the recovery and repositioning of lost income. Read “Premier Inn Get Funnel Vision”

Plan.Grow.Do will be ready for this when it comes, but, we need to also do something else.

We need to know who our client is likely to be when the situation returns to whatever normal will be.

So there’s another task, profile your clients, hang out where they hang out (digitally at the moment) and talk to them regularly. Read “Your Plan for “Networking is Helping Your Business”

Think about the content you’re adding and build relationships by being more social

More than ever what you provide as content will go a long way to position your future or it can destroy what your customers and prospects think and feel about you.

It’s going to be strange to your customers and prospects if you disappear from their worlds, especially if you’ve been working on projects together.

Think about ways your content can still provide insight and value as we all get used to a new way of working.

Think about how your buyers’ journey looks whilst it’s in the “holding pattern”. They will thank you for this in the end.

So, is it time to stop selling?

Probably in the traditional sense, but probably not in a modern selling sense. Read Changing An Old Dinosaur

Your buyer’s buying journey has just changed and you now need to change with it.

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