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Helping business owners and sales teams find the confidence, structure and process to sell.

Some Of Our Customers

Delivered to your team

Effective for large sales teams

Great to align your Leadership Teams

Plan. Grow. Do. sales training is engaging.

Funnel Vision The Sales Training Board Game

Engaged application of the learning is key.

Informal but super insightful

Here Are Your Experts Trainers

It all starts off with 2 industry leading experts!

Rob Taylor

Rob is an award-winning marketing professional with 13 years of professional marketing experience. 

He has seen the rise of digital marketing and adapted businesses to embrace the format rather than fear it.

Over the years Rob has worked with globally recognised company’s to help introduce modern marketing concepts and projects to support the workforce, these include Amazon, Google, Shell UK, and Live Nation. 

Rob will help you see how you can apply effective marketing to your business in a jargon-free way.

Steve Knapp

Steve Knapp is one of the UK’s most celebrated and influential sales experts.

A best-selling author and much sought after keynote speaker – his inspirational selling techniques are still the cornerstone of Shell, one of the world’s biggest brands.

Clients of the Sheffield-based entrepreneur include Shell UK, Whitbread, NOCN, Certas Energy, Fire Depot and many others.

In 2019 he made his pioneering teachings available to a wider audience via his Amazon best-selling book – ‘FunnelVision – Selling Made Easy’ which won plaudits from some of the most influential voices in the industry.

You will have a sales approach and a sales team using a modern sales methodology.

Sales coaching live in the room in Edinburgh

No need to bring your team physically into one room.

Plan Grow Do sales training is engaging, fun and effective.

Plan Grow Do sales training for the B2B business owner.

You will have all the tools to successfully deliver a sales change management programme!

Remote learning in bitesize pieces.


You get the Skills to sell and market your product and service using a modern approach


You get Time back to invest and focus on what matters most to you and your business


You get a Structure to improve the results of your sales efforts


You get the Experience of tried and tested methods from leading experts in sales and marketing


You get the power to Choose and make better decisions that work for you. Our sales training available online, digital and live.

What's The Problem With Sales?


97% of any buying decision begins online with 57% of a buyer's decision made before you even meet face to face!


46% of sales people missed their targets last year, not surprising when only 39% of sales people’s time is spent selling!


51% of businesses have no sales strategy!

Plan.Grow.Do. Resources

Sales insights and research for you to download and enjoy for free.

The 5 Anchors Of Modern Selling

How to talk to your customer before they are ready to buy

Your eBook to master Key Account Management

Take The Modern Selling Assessment

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The Plan.Grow.Do. Sales Training Methodology.

Our quality marked Sales Training for the B2B sales professional is available online, online live and live  (in line with COVID restrictions).

Plan.Grow.Do. Online

Perfect for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Professionals owning their development.

Get ready for your sales and marketing to be taken to a whole new level!

What you're buying
  • A full digital version of the Plan.Grow.Do modern sales training programme straight to your chosen device
  • A full programme containing 3 modules and 25 chapters of sales and marketing training that will help you build a modern sales and marketing action plan
What You Get
  • Fully interactive pdfs so you can build your plan using the exercises, templates, note pages and supporting videos with introductions and real examples
  • Lifetime access to the materials so you can revist and go back as often as you want.
What Others Say

The course concentrates on all the aspects of your selling journey

Philip Morton – Business Development Manager

Useful for me and my clients. I will pass on your details!

Andy Froggatt – Royston Parkin – Chartered Certified Accountants

Brilliant training would highly recommend this to any size business.

Neil Worsfold – Signature Blinds and Shutters

Plan.Grow.Do. Online Live

Designed for business owners, sales leaders, managers and sales teams. Delivered LIVE.

Contact us for more information and to find out how we can help

What Plan.Grow.Do. will do for you
  • You will have a sales approach and a sales team using a modern sales methodology
  • You will have all the tools to successfully deliver a sales change management programme
  • You will have a sales training programme that breaks down your internal silos
  • You will be future proofing your sales capability by understanding your customer buying journey
  • You will adopt a modern sales approach that deliver results
How you can enjoy Plan.Grow.Do.
  • Delivered to your team virtually via live online sessions.
  • No need to bring your team physically into one room.
  • Remote learning in bitesize pieces.
  • 25 chapters with access to online learning content.
  • Plan.Grow.Do. and One Award certification is available.
  • High Quality workbooks sent to your place of work ahead of training.
What others say

My team and I recently completed this training over Zoom with Rob and Steve. The sessions were well planned and well managed, the most effective use of Zoom meetings I’ve experienced so far…. The content was pitched at the right level and we took the learning back to the workplace and used it to review our business practices and strategies. There was no time filling, everything in the course had value and the breakout groups were useful to share and learn with and from others. Highly recommend.

Jayne Bond – Business Develpoment Manager – Crucible Sales and Lettings

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 3 week Plan. Grow. Do. Training delivered by Rob and Steve.

I have brushed up my skills and learned some new tactics to implement into my blended sales & marketing activities.

I think any business, large or small would benefit from this knowledge.

Clare Froggatt – Make a Brew


I had a great 3 online training sessions of Plan. Grow. Do.

Thought provoking and understandable concepts for selling in various markets today and into the future.

Has certainly made me think about some of the ways I do things and I have made some changes hopefully these will be better for my both customers and myself as we move forward.

Mal Garwood – Project Manager – Suffolk County Council

Thanks for a very productive day Looking forward to putting some new ideas in to practice

Andrew Cossar – Regional Manager Lubricants North – Certas Energy


Plan.Grow.Do. Live

Perfect For Sales Leaders, Sales Managers and Sales Teams who want results.

Contact us for more information and to find out how we can help

What Plan.Grow.Do. will do for you
  • You will have a sales approach and a sales team using a modern sales methodology
  • You will have all the tools to successfully deliver a sales change management programme
  • You will have a sales training programme that breaks down your internal silos
  • You will be future proofing your sales capability by understanding your customer buying journey
  • You will adopt a modern sales approach that deliver results
How you can enjoy Plan.Grow.Do.
  • Delivered in class room training environments with a fast paced and highly interactive approach.
  • Each learner receives their own Plan.Grow.Do. Guidebook to build their sales approach.
  • Brings together your sales and marketing teams to one plan and one set of goals.
  • Dedicated learning for your business needs and challenges.
  • Plan.Grow.Do. and One Award certification is available.
  • Additional learning support is available online to support your class room training – bolt on the Online training.
What others say

Steve and Rob gave the “Plan.Grow.Do” training to an experienced team of sales professionals in SIP Speciality Oils and fluids.

They are both engaging, motivating and high-energy and focussed on tangible things you can do to finetune, focus or change a sales approach.

The course was an excellent refresher on key modern sales topics but more importantly helped a change in mindset, preparing us for a post-corona world with different buyer’s attitudes in our industry, and helped our thinking on how to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

The course was well-received and led already to a number of tangible improvement projects to make our sales activity more effective. Highly recommended.

Tobias Tasche – Marketing and Business Development Director – SIP Speciality Oils and Fluids

Great session, after doing this role for a number of years, you get complacent in sales meetings knowing what the customer is looking for.


It’s great to bring in new ideas and put the fire back into sales generating new business! 

Michelle Jackson – Strategic Account Manager – NOCN

Very insightful day Steve for myself and the sales team.

Looking forward to developing our processes further and growing opportunities online and offline.

Nikki Jackson – National Sales Manager – Sentura Group

I have witnessed Plan.Grow.Do. being delivered first hand. The impact that Plan.Grow.Do. has with the audience is very evident.

The straight forward knowledge and the execution of the training from Rob and Steve, was fun, informative and extremely beneficial for all sales and marketing teams no matter their experience.

Plan.Grow.Do. will provide some simple tools that can help any organisation to grow.

Jon Huggett – UK Sales Manager – Shell Lubricants


The training was informative, useful and a twist on traditional sales leaping into a new way of delivering your sales message to the customer via a number of platforms.


The success has meant we are already looking at bespoke ways of utilising the skills and training opportunities.


Nathan French – Director Street Lighting – ASD Lighting Plc

Sales Training Services and Solutions.

We provide a range of sales services and solutions for B2B sales teams and professionals.

Plan.Grow.Do. Strategy

Building with business owners and sales leaders your sales strategy and action plan.

A solution to ensure you establish the key steps to future proof your sales.

What will Strategy do for you
  • Strategy will provide you with the structure confidence and process to get your sales plan “match ready”.
  • Strategy’s will provide you with the insight and tools to build and sustain a modern and effective sales process.
How you can enjoy Strategy
  • Normally conducted over 90 min sessions you will be guided through some key chapters of the Plan.Grow.Do. sales methodology.
  • You will work directly with Steve and Rob who will carry out the infield, workplace or virtual coaching sessions.
  • You will work through exercises and build your understanding of the key components of a modern sales plan.
  • You will be able to take the learning and through your own application build and develop your sales approach.
  • Each week will recognise success and progress and you start to build your confidence, structure and process to sell in a changed world.
What others say

Yesterday was a switch flicker. The previous sessions have been very very good. But yesterday was a small masterclass.


I can see how we are going to separate ourselves from the rest now


Neil Worsfield – Founder Signature Blinds

Plan.Grow.Do. Premier

Perfect For Sales Leaders and Sales Managers who want to sustain the change.

A monthly accountability programme that offers you the mentorship of Steve and Rob.

What Premier will do for you
  • Premier will offer accountability and support for your Leadership or Management team in their implementation of the Plan.Grow.Do Modern Sales Methodology.
  • Premier works with your Leadership or Management team to offer pragmatic advice on how Plan.Grow.Do. can be integrated into current work practices.
  • Premiere will offer a set of measurement and performance KPI’s. These will be recorded and reported through assessment and testing to ensure sustainability.
  • Premier will provide a minimum support period of 6 months dependant on scale and complexity of change and support required.
  • Premier should be budgeted at £2500 per month for a maximum of 6 participating members of your Leadership Team. Additional places will be subject to additional charges.
  • Costs for Premier periods greater than 6 months will be priced by separate discussions.
How you can enjoy Premier
  • Working with your Management and Leadership team via mentor sessions.
  • These can be a blend of face to face or virtual dependant on requirement.
  • Accountability and sustainability will be assessed and tested throughout the process.
  • Progress and milestones achieved will be celebrated, recognised and reported.
  • Exclusive content and access to Steve and Rob via WhatsApp Groups.
What others say

Developing and establishing a new sales team is challenging especially during a busy sales cycle and there’s never a good time to stop and learn.


Steve and Rob made the process so much easier. Having utilised many sales coaches previously, I found the course was aimed at any level and was easily adaptable to the audience.


The team felt invested in, valued and more importantly all left feeling empowered to make a change to their usual sales technique.


Louise Allen – Group Director of Business Development and Sales – NOCN

Plan.Grow.Do. Courses

Providing focused sales training courses, to help you enhance your sales skills.

Perfect for sellers, business owners, sales teams and sales managers.

What will Events do for you
  • Provide impactful and pragmatic sales training.
  • Enhance your skills with deep dives into some of the core elements of the Plan.Grow.Do. modern sales training methodology.
  • Help you break down aspects of sales that will help you achieve better sales results.
How you can enjoy Events
  • Enjoy our events from your current workplace or via Zoom.
What others say

 Plan Grow Do is a great programme that truly brings together modern marketing and selling into a holistic approach.


The sessions get you thinking about how to apply the content directly to your own business immediately.


I’ve come away with all the tools I need to take control of both aspects in a meaningful way to support the growth of my business.


I recommend it to everyone who needs to sell their products and services!


Phil Hornby – Founder & Director – Scale Business Performance

Plan.Grow.Do. Course Syllabus

3 Modules, 27 chapters and 30 exercises of the most modern and impactful sales training!

We will work with you to identify the most impactful chapters to deliver you a bespoke and relevant sales training solution for your business needs.

Effective customer profiling.

Topic 1: The Customer

  • Not everyone is your customer!
  • Become the solution for your audience.
  •  Cater a solution for a specifc audience.

Learn More

The Customer Journey

  • Understand your buyers journey and how they buy.
  • Guide your customers buying journey.
  • Recognise your buyers buying signals.

Learn More

Know Like And Trust

Topic 1: The Customer

  • Become the leading voice within your market.
  • Buyers expect to speak with industry thought leaders.
  • People buy from people like themselves.

Learn More

Introduction To The Sales Funnel

Topic 2 Sales And Marketing Alignment

  • Work your sales opportunities more effectively and efficiently.
  • Communicate with your buyers throughout their buying journey.
  • Know the next logical step you need to take to move the sale forward.

Learn More

Sales Funnel Types

Topic 3 The Sales Funnel

  • Keep sales opportunities on track.
  • Recognise and act on dysfunctional funnel types.
  • Ensure that sales opportunities don’t dry up.

Learn More

Prioritising Sales Opportunities

Prioritising Sales Opportunities

  • Keep opportunities flowing
  • Maintain a healthy pipeline.
  • Encourage confidence across the business.

Learn More

Reviews and Feedback

Topic 1: Maximising Value Through Refer, Review, Repeat

  • Bring customers in to meaningful relationships.
  • Guide future growth and innovation.
  • Listen to your customers to grow sales.

Learn More


Topic 1: Maximising Value Through Refer, Review, Repeat

  • Nurture leads that convert 30% better.
  • Create the most cost effective sales leads.
  • Referrals can be the biggest source of sales leads.

Learn More

Repeat (FEED Model).

Topic 1: Maximising Value Through Refer, Review, Repeat

  • Increasing life time value of your current customers.
  • Existing customers carry a 60%-70% of conversion.
  • Reduce your churn rate.

Learn More

Building your professional network online.

Topic 2: Building, Development & Talking To Your Network

  • Building a relevant professional digital network.
  • Supports your Know, Like, Trust position.
  • Execute the 5-12 contacts required to make a sale.

Learn More

Joining up buying and selling.

Topic 2: Joining up buying and selling.

  • The 4D’s model will join your buying and selling activities.
  • Leverage your network to create sales opportunities.
  • Create deliberate sales messages for both online and offline.

Learn More

Content in context.

Topic 2 Sales And Marketing Alignment

  • The right message at the right time is key.
  • Content in context.
  • Knowing the platform is one thing, but how do you best get your message across?

Learn More

Objection Handling

Topic 1: Objection Handling

  • A sales objection is a signal that you have more work to do.
  • Prepare for one of the four objection types.
  • Reframing sales objections will help you move the sale forward.

Learn More

Networking strategies

Topic 3: Networking

  • 95% of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long term relationships.
  • Being a leading voice will lead to opportunities to speak in longer informational or promotional slots that many groups have.
  • Follow up is just as important when we meet someone in an informal situation.

Learn More

Pre and Post-call planning

Topic 1: Call Planning & Assessment

  • Have a clear and meaningful purpose for each sales meeting.
  • Create habits that will maximise every sales opportunity.
  • Control sales activity and outcomes.

Learn More

Social selling & networking

Topic 2: Social Selling & Social Media For Sales

  • Social selling as part of a B2B seller toolkit.
  • Leverage that 97% of every decision starts online.
  • How to make the best first impression with your prospects.

Learn More

SMART Objectives

Topic 2: Social Selling & Social Media For Sales

  • Connect your social selling time to your buyers buying journey.
  • How to schedule time and create accountability.
  • Learn how to maximise the time you spend social selling.

Learn More

Social media schedule for sales.

Topic 2: Social Selling & Social Media For Sales

  • 91% of executives rate linkedin as their first choice for relevant content.
  • 57% of a buyers decision is made before they reach out.

Learn More

And How Do I Get It?

All our training is of the highest quality whether you choose the online sales training route or live group training. Our sales training courses are here to support your modern selling journey.


You get Confidence to invest and focus on what matters most to you and your business



You get it by a Focused sales and marketing plan created to deliver Results


You get it by building your unique set of Insights that are exclusively relevant to your business.

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