What got you here, might not get you there...

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Of a final buyers decision is made before they want to see your sales team. How are you showing up in the buyers journey?
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Of B2B buyers are millennials with different habits to you. When did you last check in with how your buyers are buying?
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Of every business decision starts online. What would your online presence say about you?!

How our B2B Sales Agency can help you

We Improve Your Sales By Showing You How To


Build a customer focused sales plan

Learn more about your customer, what they really buy from you and the fundamentals of sales pipeline management.


Join up buying and selling

Learn how to really talk to your customers at the right time by joining up buying and selling. Explore how the Three Re’s can maximise value from existing customers.


Build a modern sales toolkit

A modernised sales plan means you’ll need the tools to manage it! Simple but effective sales tools to help you become a more proficient sales professional.

Modern Sales Leadership

Sales is Changing.

It has to, thanks not only to the worldwide pandemic but also because the “new kids on the block”, aka the millennial generation, have an entirely different perspective on the world…

Discover the new playbook that can take us forward.
Discover Modern Sales Leadership.

Improve your B2B Sales with our...

Modern Selling Assessment​

Our MSA has been built to give you an immediate understanding for areas of improvement and focus that will give you the confidence to navigate a modern sales environment.

Take The Assessment Today

It takes just a few minutes and from it you will be sent a bespoke report based on your results that will guide you to better sales success.
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Core B2B Sales Training​​

Core B2B sales training is ideal for businesses that recognise their customers’ buying habits have changed but their approach to sales hasn’t.

Understanding how your buyers buy

We help the B2B sales professional build confidence through process and structure to succeed in a modern sales environment. 
Discover Core

Eat Sales for Breakfast​​

The B2B Networking Community supporting business in the Sheffield City Region - A networking session designed to help you sell more.

Monthly Events

Meet with a group of people from businesses within the Sheffield region over this informal breakfast session, grow your network, grow your confidence, grow your sales.
Join ESFB Networking

B2B Sales Insights Speaking

Looking for speakers with experience, knowledge and understanding of B2B sales but who can challenge the status quo to leave an audience inspired and motivated to embrace the evolving buyers?
Plan Grow Do speak internationally from the US to Europe and beyond on topics including the evolution of B2B sales, connecting sales and marketing and how digital must become an important part of your sales processes.
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B2B Sales Excellence​​

B2B Sales excellence matters because it drives revenue growth, builds customer loyalty, enhances market competitiveness, and ensures long-term business success.
Assessing B2B sales excellence reveals growth opportunities, optimises processes, and boosts revenue through data-driven insights and performance enhancements.
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B2B Sales Consultancy

Elevate your B2B sales with expert guidance. Our consultancy maximises revenue through tailored strategies, data-driven insights, and performance optimisation.
We transform sales processes, maximise customer relationships, and boost profitability, ensuring long-term success in the competitive B2B landscape.
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What Our Customers Say About Us

Really enjoyed this course and picked up so much from it. it helped explain where I was making errors in the past and what I can do to re-invent myself to thrive in a modern sales environment. Highly recommended.
Tony Vale
Tony Vale
Great couple of days training, and a great insight to all aspects! met some great people within the same industry but also completely different sectors where we were still able to bounce ideas off. THANK YOU
Anna Reading
Anna Reading
The Plan Grow Do Sales Training was an amazing course full of exciting new ways to approach sales by putting your customer first. I also found the Linkedin section of the training very helpful.
Michelle Osborne
Michelle Osborne
Really enjoyed the sales training! More than I expected actually and it's got me thinking all about sales again and putting myself in the customers shoes rather than just a sales persons! Would highly recommend to anyone in sales!
Richard Donson
Richard Donson
Really insightful couple of days spent with Steve and Rob. Great introduction to modern selling and identifying your ideal customer. The course was fun, engaging, and had businesses from many different sectors working together and sharing ideas. I would certainly recommend.
Lee Hollindale
Lee Hollindale
An excellent training course for both new and existing businesses. Rob and Steve were charismatic, easy to talk to and did an amazing job keeping a two day course fun and fresh! Highly Recommend!
Bradley Lupton
Bradley Lupton
Attended the course in 2020 and it was a great refresher for me. Its really helped me plan and develop my business in the early stages! Would highly recommend to anyone within sales!
Jason Duffy
Jason Duffy
Great training course highly recommend.
Wayne Colley
Wayne Colley
This is a really good training course. Not just applicable to physical products but also professional services, such as my business. It has helped me understand how to be better at spending time on the right prospects. Having a plan in your head isn't enough and establishing and using a formulated strategy that can be reviewed time and again is far better. It has also helped me understand how marketing and sales overlap and how your strategy can help achieve more customers of the type you want with less time wasters. Well done and thanks Rob and Steve.
Nathan Oliver
Nathan Oliver

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