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Helping B2B business owners and sales teams find the confidence, structure and process to sell in a changed world.

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Core B2B Sales Training

Beat sales targets by learning how your buyers are buying.

Core B2B sales training is ideal for traditional businesses that recognise their customers’ buying habits have changed but their approach to sales hasn’t. We help the B2B sales professional build confidence through process and structure to succeed in a modern sales environment. 

What's The Problem With Sales?


97% of any buying decision begins online with 57% of a buyer's decision made before you even meet face to face!


46% of sales people missed their targets last year, not surprising when only 39% of sales people’s time is spent selling!


51% of businesses have no sales strategy!

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Our B2B Sales Training methodology.

Entirely relevant to a changing sales landscape, our B2B sales training program will help you join up buying and selling by putting your customer first and understanding that to succeed in modern B2B sales, you must sell how your buyer wants to buy and not how you might want to sell.

Effective customer profiling.

Topic 1: The Customer

  • Not everyone is your customer!
  • Become the solution for your audience.
  •  Cater a solution for a specifc audience.

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The Customer Journey

  • Understand your buyers journey and how they buy.
  • Guide your customers buying journey.
  • Recognise your buyers buying signals.

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Know Like And Trust

Topic 1: The Customer

  • Become the leading voice within your market.
  • Buyers expect to speak with industry thought leaders.
  • People buy from people like themselves.

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Introduction To The Sales Funnel

Topic 2 Sales And Marketing Alignment

  • Work your sales opportunities more effectively and efficiently.
  • Communicate with your buyers throughout their buying journey.
  • Know the next logical step you need to take to move the sale forward.

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Sales Funnel Types

Topic 3 The Sales Funnel

  • Keep sales opportunities on track.
  • Recognise and act on dysfunctional funnel types.
  • Ensure that sales opportunities don’t dry up.

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Prioritising Sales Opportunities

Prioritising Sales Opportunities

  • Keep opportunities flowing
  • Maintain a healthy pipeline.
  • Encourage confidence across the business.

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Reviews and Feedback

Topic 1: Maximising Value Through Refer, Review, Repeat

  • Bring customers in to meaningful relationships.
  • Guide future growth and innovation.
  • Listen to your customers to grow sales.

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Topic 1: Maximising Value Through Refer, Review, Repeat

  • Nurture leads that convert 30% better.
  • Create the most cost effective sales leads.
  • Referrals can be the biggest source of sales leads.

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Repeat (FEED Model).

Topic 1: Maximising Value Through Refer, Review, Repeat

  • Increasing life time value of your current customers.
  • Existing customers carry a 60%-70% of conversion.
  • Reduce your churn rate.

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Building your professional network online.

Topic 2: Building, Development & Talking To Your Network

  • Building a relevant professional digital network.
  • Supports your Know, Like, Trust position.
  • Execute the 5-12 contacts required to make a sale.

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Joining up buying and selling.

Topic 2: Joining up buying and selling.

  • The 4D’s model will join your buying and selling activities.
  • Leverage your network to create sales opportunities.
  • Create deliberate sales messages for both online and offline.

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Content in context.

Topic 2 Sales And Marketing Alignment

  • The right message at the right time is key.
  • Content in context.
  • Knowing the platform is one thing, but how do you best get your message across?

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Objection Handling

Topic 1: Objection Handling

  • A sales objection is a signal that you have more work to do.
  • Prepare for one of the four objection types.
  • Reframing sales objections will help you move the sale forward.

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Networking strategies

Topic 3: Networking

  • 95% of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long term relationships.
  • Being a leading voice will lead to opportunities to speak in longer informational or promotional slots that many groups have.
  • Follow up is just as important when we meet someone in an informal situation.

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Pre and Post-call planning

Topic 1: Call Planning & Assessment

  • Have a clear and meaningful purpose for each sales meeting.
  • Create habits that will maximise every sales opportunity.
  • Control sales activity and outcomes.

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Social selling & networking

Topic 2: Social Selling & Social Media For Sales

  • Social selling as part of a B2B seller toolkit.
  • Leverage that 97% of every decision starts online.
  • How to make the best first impression with your prospects.

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SMART Objectives

Topic 2: Social Selling & Social Media For Sales

  • Connect your social selling time to your buyers buying journey.
  • How to schedule time and create accountability.
  • Learn how to maximise the time you spend social selling.

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Social media schedule for sales.

Topic 2: Social Selling & Social Media For Sales

  • 91% of executives rate linkedin as their first choice for relevant content.
  • 57% of a buyers decision is made before they reach out.

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And How Do I Get It?

All our training is of the highest quality whether you choose the online sales training route or live group training. Our sales training courses are here to support your modern selling journey.


You get Confidence to invest and focus on what matters most to you and your business



Our methodology shares repeatable processes to help in your goal for sales success.


With structure you will be able to move forwards with confidence, knowing that your sales process is robust and relevant for a changed sales world.

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