Your Plan for Networking isn’t Helping Your Business [FREE Download inside]

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Your Plan for Networking isn’t Helping Your Business [FREE Download inside]

Are you a professional networker?

You see them don’t you, the professional networker. They’re everywhere, at all the events you’re not at, they are posting on social media and tagging in everybody. ‘Great to see Sally”,“an amazing breakfast with ABC Group this morning” and “awesome speakers this morning, thank you John”.
Do you marvel at their staying power, gasp at their commitment to the community and long to be as active networking as they are? Well we don’t over here at Plan. Grow. Do. As we actually see this a random activity, completely without purpose and entirely working the universe of Suspects. Not sure what we mean then read our previous blog – Only Sell To Prospects. We also chuckle over at Plan. Grow. Do. Towers at the missed opportunity to promote your business, your purpose, your reason you’re attending in these benign social media posts.

So is Networking important then?

Now don’t get us wrong Networking and Networks are really important in Modern Selling and so important that the value in your network is sprinkled all through our 27 lessons and has 4 dedicated chapters. The key is what you do with your network…no wait its what you plan to do with your network…no wait, it’s how you plan to grow (make sales) with your network. That’s the point after all isn’t it? It’s not just having a large vanity based network that sits in the universe of Suspects. We’ll spend a little time on each of the 4 chapters but focus more on face to face networking events, but, perhaps you’re already recognising the Plan. Grow. Do. might just be what you need to jump on your networking hamsters wheel?  Anyway please read on and you’ll be able to sign up for our next intake at the end of this blog.

Plan. Effective Customer Profiling

(previous blog on Effective Customer Profiling)

So back to Networking, actually our programme starts in Plan. with Effective Customer Profiling. This is the place, at the very beginning, where you identify who your ideal customer is, where they hang out and how you will meet them. The chances are pretty high that you’re out ideal customer and we’re very pleased to meet you!

The 3 big lessons from Effective Customer Profiling are;

  1. Not everyone is your customer!
  2. Aim to become the expert solution for a chosen audience.
  3. One product may be right for many, but each solution is catered for a specific group. 

Grow. Build your Professional Online Networks

Building Your Professional Networks online.

In Grow. we recognise that online networking is critically important in todays modern selling approach in the chapter Build your Professional Online Networks. Let’s ask the most basic of questions – Do you have a strategy (a plan) to nurture your online network of Prospects that turn that network into sales opportunities? Well the likelihood is you do not as so many sellers and business owners use social media incorrectly. Not matching their content to where their buyer is in their buying journey, believing that social media is a silver bullet and believing what you’ve posted will actually be remembered.  Because you’re getting this wrong it means you’re missing the power of nurturing your online network and you’re therefore missing the opportunity to maximise sales.

The 3 big lessons from  Build your Professional Online Networks are;

  1. It takes between 5 – 12 contacts to make a sale.
  2. How is your digital presence reflecting and supporting your sales activity?
  3. By building a ‘holding pattern’ of prospects online you can build know, like and trust. 
Some sales statistics that highlight the potential in building meaningful relationships.

Grow. Apply Networks to Growth

One thing the professional networker misses out on is that little matter of growth, yes sales. Connecting your online and offline networking activity back to your business plan and your sales plan. I mean I’m mighty glad you’ve had a nice breakfast but I’m more interested in how you being at this network has created value for you and for your network. Take a step back and ask yourself “is my networking directly connected to my business plan? It might be you’re in a loop of networking for networking sake. Now you might get lucky, but shall we try to take the luck out of it for you? If your interested to find out more about how Plan.Grow.Do. take the luck out of your sales efforts then why not request a brochure at

The 3 big lessons from Apply Networks to Growth;

  1. Time is your finite resource so effective efforts are important.
  2. Growing large networks can be a vanity exercise. Applying them to business makes your networks an asset.
  3. Your leading voice positioning becomes important when implementing your growth plans to talk to those meaningful relationships.

Do. Networking Strategies

Networking doesn’t work unless it is built into your sales plan. Just rocking up hoping to speak to a few people and gain a sale is very uncommon, and if achieved it’s a little bit of luck. You need to understand the product you are there to promote and what outcome you are trying to achieve.  Saying your only outcome is a sale is not a sensible business strategy. What about the other attendees that need time, need to build up that trust and know more about what you do. What is your outcome for these potential customers? Ever heard the phrase ‘the fortune is in the follow up’? Your networking strategy should support your sales goals and also have structure to support your next actions. 

Where Next is a phrase to remember. If you meet someone at a networking event, where would be the most logical for them to connect with you? What follow up is reasonable? Remember! Online activities should support and enhance your offline actions. Follow up is sometimes overlooked but it really is so important. Whether we meet someone in an informal or formal networking situation, send them a personalised connection request via Social Media.

Check out the article on Better Business Networking.

The 3 big lessons from Apply Networks to Growth;

  1. 95% of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long term relationships. 
  2. Being a leading voice will lead to opportunities to speak in longer informational or promotional slots that many groups have. 
  3. Follow up is just as important when we meet someone in an informal situation.

Here’s a little something for you
Our FREE Gift to you is a template form our DO. programme and exercise 5 which should help you jump of the hamsters wheel of “professional networking” – well get one leg off anyway…to fully jump off all you have to do is register to attend our Sheffield Plan. Grow. Do. Modern Selling Sales Training Workshops. To secure your spot on Plan. sign up here and we’ll see you on Tuesday 25th February.
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