The Problems We Solve

A team lacking confidence: Building Confidence for a Resilient Team

Overcoming Challenges through Confidence and Expertise

Here at Plan. Grow. Do. we understand the multifaceted challenges faced by B2B sales directors and sales-led organisations. The first step towards transformative success is building a confident team that can navigate complexities with assurance.

How to notice if you have a team low on confidence:

  1. Defaulting to Price Conversations
  2. Low Levels of Prospecting
  3. Lack of Energy, Momentum, and Belief in the Plan
  4. Manifestation of Previous Behaviours – Stuck Pipelines
  5. Losing People – High Team Attrition

Outcomes we aim to support

Redirecting Price Conversations

A confident team moves beyond defaulting to price discussions, steering conversations towards value and differentiation.

Elevated Prospecting Skills

Confidence enhances prospecting efforts, ensuring a steady flow of opportunities.

Energized Execution

Confidence infuses energy and momentum into the team, fostering belief in the viability of sales plans.

Breaking Past Behaviors

Confidence empowers the team to break free from historical patterns, overcoming the challenge of stuck pipelines.

Reduced Team Attrition

A confident and supported team experiences lower attrition rates, creating a positive and engaging work environment.

Inconsistency of results, language and skill: Establishing Consistency for Long-term Success

Sustained Excellence through Consistent Sales Practices

Consistency is a key factor that will determine the level of success within your organisation. Plan. Grow. Do. guide B2B sales teams in establishing and maintaining reliable practices that propel the teams towards excellence.

Warning signs of inconsistent sales teams:

  1. Confusion of sales language across the business
  2. Measuring what can be measured, not measuring what matters
  3. Doubling down on old habits and expecting different outcomes.
  4. Manifestation of Previous Behaviours – Stuck Pipelines
  5. Losing People – High Team Attrition


Introduction of a common language

We introduce our repeatable and accountable sales process that allows for consistency in language not only across the sales team but other functions in the business too.

Measure what matters

An understanding that a measuring pipeline and sales outcomes from the same starting point and throughout the buyers journey will lead to a more consistent level of success..

A desire to sell how your buyer wants to buy, not how you want to sell

Often working with Plan Grow Do is referenced as helping organisations understand how buyers buy. A key mindset shift for the modern sales organisation.

Break Free from Historical Patterns

Consistent practices break the cycle of past behaviours, allowing for a dynamic approach to pipeline management.

Enhanced Team Stability

Consistent and reliable sales practices contribute to a stable team, reducing attrition rates and fostering long-term success.

The B2B sales landscape is changed. Understanding the Transformed B2B Buyer

Navigating Dynamics with Insight into the Modern Buyer

In the ever-evolving B2B landscape, understanding the transformed buyer is paramount. We provide insights that empower B2B sales teams to adapt, ensuring relevance and success.

Warning signs you may be selling to anyone and everyone!

  1. Defaulting to Price Conversations
  2. Generic conversations waiting to take orders
  3. Little loyalty or repeat business
  4. Commoditisation from your buyer to drive down price
  5. Order books drying up


Holistic Value Communication

Understanding the transformed buyer enables holistic value communication, reducing the emphasis on price.

Adaptation to Buyer Expectations

Insights guide teams in adapting prospecting approaches to meet the expectations of the modern buyer.

Alignment with Buyer Dynamics

Teams align their strategies with the transformed buyer, breaking free from historical patterns that hinder success.

Positive Work Environment

Understanding the buyer contributes to a positive team environment, reducing attrition and promoting engagement.

We believe in success for sales teams through developing confidence, process & structure.

There’s a free download for you to understand more about confidence, process and structure and how you can better identify what your team may be lacking.

Visit our training page for more about how Plan Grow Do can help you address these common problems in B2B Sales Teams. Contact us to see more about your changed market place, buyers and how we support the modernisation of the sales approach.

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