Sales Pipeline Management

For B2B sales teams who want sales funnel training in an different way to death by powerpoint…

What is it?

This interactive full day will bring your sales team together for an engaged day all about the sales pipeline and sales process.

✅ You’ll be introduced in depth SPANCOP – the proven, repeatable and scalable sales process.

✅ You’ll learn how SPANCOP guides your sales activity and better focus your sales efforts to deliver improved sales results

✅ You’ll identify ways to track and measure, correct and improve your sales pipeline and build a consistent language across the business.

This full day session is broken down in to two distinct learning interventions

B2B Sales Coaching

Funnel Vision: The Board Game!

SPANCOP & Sales Pipeline Management

Working with your sales team, we will identify best practices, areas for development and start to build a more coherent sales process.

Who is it for?

Specifically for B2B sectors and for businesses in traditional industries that have been built on quality and strong heritage but realise that the world of buying and selling is changing.

You may have a multi-generational workforce with your customers and buyers also ranging in profile and behaviours. 

You may have learned habits that don’t create or lend themselves to a consistent or manageable sales approach.

What will I learn?

Part One

The SPANCOP method of Sales Pipeline Management

✅ Best Practice skills and actions that make Sales Pipeline management a simple process to follow

✅ The Four MUST-keteers – How to understand what is happening with your sales numbers and how to adjust your actions accordingly

✅ Broken Funnels – How to recognise when you funnel is not running as it should and what to do about it

✅ Exercises and practise – There are a number of opportunities to discuss and put the learning into action

Part Two

Funnel Vision, The Game is a game about managing a business sales funnel.

Funnel Vision helps sellers see just what sales pipeline management is and shows them through gameplay the impact and consequences of their choices and activities.

It shows the value in customer management, prospecting and prioritising the right sales opportunities.

It’s a dynamic, immersive, and engaging way to SHOW and INVOLVE sellers the sales process.

Learning Objectives

• Introduction to a Sales Process

• Show the consequences of actions and behaviours in sales outcomes

• Show the importance of knowing your ideal customer personas

• Illustrates the danger of trying to win at all costs and chasing quick wins

• The value of knowing when to invest in lead generation activities 

• The importance of Pipeline Management

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