The HR & Training Managers Guide to Sales Training

The case for sales training for future proofing your organisation.

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Rob Taylor
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Too often we see skills and training programmes ignoring the impact and sustainability found from sales training. It’s an interesting one to me and I’m really keen to support better conversation about the reputation and power of sales training for an organisation.

You know what strikes me about the importance of B2B sales training? The numbers just don’t lie. I came across a study by the Aberdeen Group that found companies offering comprehensive sales training have a 73% higher sales growth rate than those that don’t. That’s huge! It tells me that if we want to not just compete but actually lead in our market, we can’t afford to skimp on training.

And it’s not just about growth. When I look at the impact on the team, it’s clear as day. Richardson Sales Performance reported that 85% of organisations see a direct link between sales training and increased productivity. Imagine that—eighty-five percent! That means almost every organisation that invests in their sales team’s skills sees a payoff in the work they do every day.

But here’s the kicker for me: LinkedIn found that 94% of employees would stick around longer if their company invested in their learning and development. In this job market, where every HR manager is fighting to keep talent, that’s a stat we can’t ignore. So, if we’re serious about growth, productivity, and retention, B2B sales training isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.

It’s got to be a priority for us. It’s how we’ll build a stronger, more competitive, and more committed sales force.

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