What is content for B2B Sales?

By 2025, the heavy majority of B2B sales interactions will be via digital platforms. 90% of B2B buyer say that content plays an influential part of the buying journey – are you ready?

Why does content matter?

Content is no longer just a marketing thing! B2B sales professionals must understand the importance of content across the buying journey and adapt the skillset to talk to the potential customer in a relevant way with relevant supporting content.  

If 78% of buyers are consuming at least 3 pieces of content before engaging a provider, and 80% of their decision is made before contacting a business, it isn’t a case of if content fits, it’s a question of how content fits in to your operation.

And perhaps you may be thinking

  • But what is content?
  • What makes good content?
  • And how can content really support the modern B2B sales professional?
  • How will content help you find more of the customers who want to do business with you?

How we can help you

Our approach to content – Helping you attract more of the customers wanting to do business with you.

1. The line in the sand. A review of how you show up online today.

Our desktop assessment of your business today is aimed to hold up the mirror and show where gaps and opportunities may exist

2. Discover what is content in a modern sales world

How has the buyer changed? Why does content really matter and how might effective content help your buyers by from you

3. How to join up sales and marketing via content

Content isn’t just a marketing job anymore. Content across the business will lead to effective marketing and sales alignment that really talks to your buyers more effectively.

4. Explore the key questions customers are asking across the 5 key research topics

What are the five key areas you need to be talking about today, and what does this look like for your business?

5. Building content across the sales process

Content should support the sales process. From attracting the best buyers, handling objections and supporting closing – content matters

6. How to engage existing customers with a content plan

Do you have an engaging content plan to talk to your existing customers? Content can help with retention and we will review this with you to be the voice of trust to your customer base.

Workshop Price: £2200 + VAT

Working with stakeholder across the business we bring together everyone who has a hand in customer success to really focus on the alignment towards the modern buyer.

Who is it for?

Specifically for B2B sectors and for businesses in industries that have been built on quality and strong heritage but realise that the world of buying and selling is changing.

You may have a multi-generational workforce with your customers and buyers also ranging in profile and behaviours. 

You may have learned habits that don’t create or lend themselves to a consistent or manageable sales approach.

Explore more about content for B2B Sales with clips from three of the industry leaders in sales and marketing

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