Plan. Grow. Do. Comes to life on behalf of Shell UK.

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Plan. Grow. Do. Comes to life on behalf of Shell UK.

A modern sales approach for the business owner and sales team.

We believe that what is often seen as ‘marketing’ in certain sectors can drastically improve the sales success of those business owners and sales teams that can adapt to more modern ways of developing opportunities and sales. Plan. Grow. Do. was delivered to rave reviews from Shell’s Indirect Sales Manager in Manchester this November.

Enjoyed the day and loved the energy.

Absolutely Perfect!

Just some of the feedback snippets!

So what did Plan. Grow. Do. do for Shell?

Shell recognise that buyers’ journeys are changing and there are times that the approach to sales is too traditional. The joined-up approach of sales and marketing was a key takeaway along with the applied nature of the learning through exercises, the guidebook full of over 25 exercises and a really refreshing approach to modern sales training.

positive review and feedback from plan grow do sales and marketing training
Some exciting feedback we received from our Plan. Grow. Do. workshop in Manchester.

What does the sales training look like?

We have delivered Plan and Grow in an intensive full days training. Some business owners or sales teams could also split this across 2 seperate sessions, at 3 hours per session.

The Do session is to follow in the new year to give time for the learning and application effectively to bed in so we can better show to Do methodology to ensure the best outcomes from the training.

Is Plan. Grow. Do. for you?

You can download the PGD brochure right here or contact us for more info on how a modern sales approach can transform your business!

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