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The best sales books that support the Plan. Grow. Do. sales training methodology

Not just another ‘best sales books’ list!

Our sales training methodology is born from many years experience and application in the sales and marketing field that helps curate the process and structure that is Plan. Grow. Do. From our customer profilingsales processesapplying our networks to business growth or our pre ccall planning, each of the 25 parts of our sales training has been practiced and implemented by ourselves. It’s a really helpful way to showcase the benefit of the learning and the benefit of doing.

But underneath the experience and application of the sessions is a desire and mission to always learn from the best across marketing and sales industries. We always advocate a blend of traditional and modern activities to create a well-rounded sales process and strategy and our selection of favourite reads should reflect that. We have some sales classics in our range but also more modern sales and marketing mainstays that really address the changing customer journey and position.

Selling Made Easy

It wouldn’t be a suitable reading list without including our very own Steve Knapp’s Funnel Vision: Selling Made Easy book that really encompasses the thinking behind the Plan. Grow. Do. sales training programme. It’s available over on Amazon now on Kindle and also available in physical paperback. Be sure to check out more from Steve’s Sales Mindset Coach where you can see much more reading material from his awesome sales blog.

The best books for Planning.

Start With Why (Simon Sinek)

People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. What a powerful line that really sums up the classic business and sales book that explores your purpose, how to find it and what the benefits to the bottom line can be by applying it to your operations and sales activity. A great read and helps with your mindset, your purpose and your planning process.

Grab it from Audible today: Start With Why on Audible

Sales EQ (Jeb Blount)

Sales EQ addresses the human relationship gap in the modern sales process at a time when sales in your business may be struggling because many salespeople have never been taught the relationship skills required to effectively engage buyers at the emotional level. Remember ‘People buy from people like themselves’

Grab it on Audible today: Sales EQ on Audible

Expert Secrets (Russell Brunson)

Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialised knowledge in to a sales process that work for you and your business. Nobody knows your business or industry like you and you need to position yourself in such a way. With 92% of people willing to engage with industry thought leaders, you must position yourself now as the go-to person in your sector.

Grab it on Audible today: Expert Secrets on Audible

Key Person Of Influence (Daniel Priestley)

Ok, so this book could potentially fit in any of the Plan, Grow or Do recommended reads but it’s important to have it in somewhere! Daniel Priestley is a fantastic author and business leader who’s book, Key Person of Influence is an international best-selling book that gives an overview of how to become more visible, valuable and connected. A really important book to help build your know, like and trust and this will help you plan to do just that.

Grab it today on Audible: Key Person Of Influence on Audible

The best books for Growing
B2B Selling Guidebook (Jim Irving)

From Amazon: The B2B Selling Guidebook is a practical, concise, easy to read guide to Business to Business selling. The author has utilised the most important lessons he has learned in a successful career now exceeding 43 years in B2B and high end sales and sales leadership roles.

Grab it today on Audible: The B2B Selling Guidebook on Audible

Influence (Robert Cialdini)

A fantastic book about the psychology of persuasion and a truly important read for growing your relationships and sales effectiveness. Dr. Robert Cialdini is the expert in the field of influence and persuasion. His thirty-five years of rigorous, evidence-based research on what moves people to change behaviour has resulted in this highly acclaimed book.

Grab it today on Audible: Influence on Audible.

Selling From The Heart (Larry Levine)

Gone are the days of manipulative and pushy salespeople who rely on charm to get sales. Selling From The Heart is the new economy where relationships matter and old-school techniques just don’t work anymore. We talk a lot in Plan. Grow. Do. sales training about building meaningful relationships and there is much congruency with what Larry Levine says in this cracking book.

Grab it from Audible today: Selling From The Heart on Audible

Epic Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi)

Is it sales, or is it marketing? Well, Epic Content Marketing is about positioning your business (and you as the seller) as an authority in your industry. Whether you are a marketing directorsales executivesales leader or CEO, this is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the new way of doing marketing and sales.

Grab it today on Audible: Epic Content Marketing on Audible.

The best books for Doing.
The million pound LinkedIn message (Daniel Disney)

Remember, if you think you do use social media for business, or you think you don’t use social media for business; if you have a social media profile, you do use social media for business. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for selling. Here is the reality for many salespeople, recruiters and businesses out there, your prospects and customers are using LinkedIn, some are using it every single day. There are so many ways that you can use LinkedIn to sell and in this book, you will learn how one single well crafted LinkedIn message helped land a deal worth over £1,000,000. A thought leader on LinkedIn and someone who can help you develop your social selling skills on the platform. Check out Daniel Disney’s excellent book.

Grab in on Amazon today: The Million Pound LinkedIn Message.

Mindset for sales (Mark Hunter)

For salespeople tired of feeling stressed out, burned out, and bummed out that their customers don’t want to hear from them, A Mind for Sales is the guide they need to develop a success mindset and the habits required to breakthrough to a whole new level for the success of sales and the sales process in your business.

Grab it on Audible today: A Mind For Sales on Audible

Story Brand (Donald Miller)

Can you position your product or service in a sentence? It’s harder than you think! Customers trust a guide who has a plan. Customers do not take action unless they are challenged to take action. Every human being is trying to avoid a tragic ending. Never assume people understand how your brand can change their lives. Donald Miller’s excellent book Story Brand is a fascinating modern sales and marketing book that positions you and your brand in the eyes of the buyer through the use of story. Excellent indeed.

Grab it on Audible today: Story Brand on Audible.

Never Be Closing (Tim Hurson & Tim Dunn)

From Amazon: They show how to capitalize on every step from the waiting room to small talk, maximizing opportunities to learn about a potential client and their needs.” “Never Be Closing is filled with creative strategies and invaluable tools to help you drive more sales. If you’re serious about being successful, it’s a must read.

Grab it on Amazon today: Never Be Closing on Amazon

This range of books is something we encourage you to add to your library to help with your sales planning, your growth plans and your sales doing . We reference these books in our training and can’t recommend them highly enough!

Happy selling!

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