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Sales Funnel Types – Do you have a Blockage?

The changed face of the Sales Manager

The current Sales Team just isn’t as skilled in the same ways we used to be. Sales Manager – Dinosaur Engineering incorporated

They don’t drive the results like we did and they are always mucking around on their phones these days. Sales Manger – Soon to be Extinct Manufacturing Ltd

Sales people these days just don’t work like we used to do. Sales Manger – The Good Old Days plc

I for one am delighted when I hear this because I know that Plan. Grow. Do is going to change the game for you if your Sales Managers thinks and act like this.

Their belief and behaviour is reinforced because of their ineffective Monday Sales Meetings that ask

“What business will you bring in this week?’ Traditional Sales Mangers all around the world

Are you hearing these things?
As a Sales Director or a Business Owner if you hear any of these, or, similar statements from your Sales Managers then I’m delighted to make your acquaintance – you need our help

It’s important we talk because I would assume that your Sales Manager and Sales Team would benefit from brushing up their skills in two key areas.

  1. Your Customers Buying Journey
  2. Your Sales Process


You’re not alone

you're not alone

The good news is that we are working with companies just like yours and helping change many traditional ways of working a deep routed habits., read Changing An Old Dinosaur

The problems you’re encountering are surmountable and just by blending tradition and modern techniques we’ll have you on the road to a healthy sales cadence and sales pipeline in no time at all!

We’re not talking about throwing out what’s worked well for you before, actually the opposite. We’re talking about ensuring those traditional approaches work effectively and are incorporated into a Modern Selling Approach.

Let’s stay in the traditional space for this article. Let’s think about your Sales Funnels shapes?
Have you ever thought about looking at the shape of your Sales Funnel (as well as the data) to guide your next set of sales and marketing priorities?

So much can be derived from the shape of you’re businesses Sales Funnel and those of each individual sellers Sales Funnels.

Imagine having view that can tell you the skills of the sellers, the relevance of your offer, the strength of your sales process, your appreciation of your customers buying journey and the next activities you should focus on.

Wow! you’re interested right?! well, that doesn’t surprise me you should be. I mean we all want the answers or insights to all of those points.

The Classic, The Blocker or The Feast and Famine.
Working with us on Plan.Grow.Do. you will work out how to get the answers to all of these indicators and all of this through The Classic, The Blockage or The Feast and Famine.

sales funnel planning

The Blockage

The Blockage is often the curse of sellers. This indicates a number of things and for the secret sauce just contact us and book us to deliver our modern sales training for you and your team, but, I’m in a generous mood so here are 3 things The Blockage could be indicating:

  • The seller is not qualifying opportunities effectively.
  • The Marketing offer is not hitting the mark and the customer doesn’t see the value in your proposition.
  • You do not understand your customers buying journey and you selling too soon.


The Results
During our training programme we work with you to find solutions to return the The Classic and work with your Sales Managers and Sellers to improve their skills.

We give them an appreciation to connection of modern selling and traditional selling. We help them appreciate the pricing results is just about “what are you selling” but more about “what is your customer buying”.

The world of sales has changed forever and we can help you future proof your Sales Managers to be helpful and leading your companies sales activities.

It’s time to contact us and talk more about how the full Plan. Grow. Do. Modern Sales training programme can help you and your sales results.
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