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Adapting Sales by Networking Online


Adapting sales by networking online, is this modern selling?

We use the term modern selling quite often and perhaps online networking is a good example.

We have to assume that one of the aspects post pandemic that will stay is online networking.

This is linked to the reality that digital now plays in a sales professionals tool kit and that fact that we can scale far more effectively online.

We get mixed messages though!

Every year so called ‘Youtube’ sales professionals come out to try and convince you that there’s a new way of selling and you need to forget everything you once knew.

  • “This is how a modern-day funnel works”
  • “This is how you now close”
  • “Email is dead” 
  • “Cold calling is the future” 

Or are those last two the other way around?

The truth is that you don’t need to throw out the old at all, what you need to do is adjust and develop using the experience you already have. Take on board what your customers want and consider what you can deliver.

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One of the biggest opportunities comes in the space of online networking. 

In this article we wanted to leave you with 3 top tips on how you can make online networking work for you:


Change your networking ‘sales funnel’ from working offline to working online.


You might have traditionally relied on physical networking to meet prospects e.g. network meetings, exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars, etc.

During the lockdowns you may have realised you can still achieve this having attended a number of online events.

But, you’ve recognised it’s much harder because your online network is not yes as strong or active as your physical network.

So with this currently not being viable you are persisting with networking online.

Maybe you’re now a Zoom expert and have become proficient signing up to networks that are local or relevant.

However, there are other ways let’s take LinkedIn as an example, are you posting, liking and responding to comments?

Are you posting on Facebook in Facebook Groups?

Or even writing a blog to answer problems to common customer question.?

Everything plays a part in the modern online networking sales funnel. 

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Utilise the time not driving to network meetings.


How much travel and other additional journey time did you previously spend when attending a network event?

Time to get your business cards, rollup banner and other marketing material ready, time to travel to the network, time after the network to pack up and time to travel back to the office.

Sound like you? Would you say 1 hour? Easily 2 hours?

The positive thing about online networking is that we all save time in our daily calendar.

But you need to use this time wisely to invest in your sales funnel.

Stay at your computer, make phone calls, send emails, schedule follow-up Zooms, do some research on your strong leads, send a thank you message, etc.

Invest this follow-up time and your leads are more likely to purchase. S

tats show that if companies follow-up within an hour they are 7x more likely to have meaningful conversations with decision-makers than those who waited more than 1 hour.

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Adjust your product or service to suit an online audience. 


Whatever your product or service may have been before try to look at it in a new light.

What do you offer and provide customers that can now be marketing and sold online?

If you’re stuck for ideas, try stripping your product or service back to its bare bones and rebuild it from there.

For example, decorators can offer online quotes via a virtual zoom tour or teach courses on painting doors, floors and walls. Photographers can offer webinars teaching customers how to take great photos using their mobile phone.

PT instructors can offer virtual coaching via Zoom or webinar courses for customers to take in their own time.

There’s a huge potential to create lots of great ideas, but ask around in your online network and see what your prospect now wants and decide if you can pivot to provide that solution.

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