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Start as you mean to go on. Sales Training for a new sales team

“It’s the subtle things like asking for referrals…”

The power of combining online and offline [was my biggest takeaway]”

Planning! Getting to know customers both online and offline”

Creating a new sales culture can be tricky. We were delighted to be a part of the journey with NOCN as we delivered the Plan. Grow. Do. Sales Training programme to their team in Sheffield.

We were thrilled to be invited by the NOCN Group at their offices in Sheffield to deliver the Plan. Grow. Do. training to their newly formed and restructured sales team. The team is passionate about their roles, experts in their field, but sales wasn’t something they would say they specialised in. This is increasingly common, a business of experts who are responsible for their sector growth are morphed into the role of salesperson yet the skill of sales is often not incorporated into their learning and this leads to a culture of ‘winging it’ or ‘blagging’ your way through.

As a business this lends itself to a disjointed approach to results, with the newly formed sales team ultimately reverting to type, reverting to safety, and for the business as a whole, reverting to stagnant sales.

Ultimately, sales culture cannot be adopted without leadership buy-in. The consistency of approach is something that will not happen without the top-down appreciation of the value of that approach and how modern sales must adapt to how your buyer is buying. With 97% of any decision beginning online, ignoring the evolution of the customer journey is simply damaging your business performance. It’s a reason we begin any training with the customer first and lead the entire delivery from the customer-facing perspective.

Too many cooks! Individual sales mentalities tend to suit how the seller likes to sell rather than a joined-up approach that addressed how the buyer likes to buy.

Adopting a consistent approach to a sales plan and sales process can be motivating for the team, generate team buy in and ultimately increase sales in a sustained manner that enforces deliberate decision making and activity.

Plan Grow Do Review

Complacency can creep in if skills are not refreshed of an approach and understanding of new ways of working are not explored. The resurgence of enthusiasm and focus of those more traditionally skilled in the field of sales is a real additional benefit of the Plan. Grow. Do approach and therefore is important to understand that during the integration process of a new team that includes an element of experience, that this experience is present and open the applying new approaches to their activity.

One of the unique parts of Plan. Grow. Do. is that each attendee is encouraged to create their own sales plan within the framework. The sections are broken down into a consistent and clear process that enables the user to action most of what they learn in a sustained manner that avoids overwhelm, doesn’t confuse with jargon, and really encourages the salesperson to grasp responsibility for their actions and build a robust plan built around regular small steps of activity to help create new habits through persistent and effective small changes.

Outcomes and feedback of the Plan. Grow. Do. sales training at NOCN.

We try to capture feedback that addresses some of the more pressing reasons for any business to invite us to deliver this training.

Common problems that occur in new and existing teams, whether is be Changing An Old Dinosaur approach to sales, creating a new skill set for those who are responsible for sales but are not trained in the area and to help understand that breaking down silo culture is really going to help build a more healthy sales pipeline and results.

We aim to create new skills, new confidence and the transfer of responsibility to the attendees and we feel we really achieved this with the NOCN team!

breaking down silo culture

How can Plan. Grow. Do. benefit your business?

We are proud to have shared our modern approach to selling with some of the UK’s largest companies from across sectors and industries. The issues we hear are common, but the overarching desire to improve and address the modern world is apparent and it’s where the results really come. If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you will get less than you’ve always gotten. You must respect that your buyers buying journey has changed and will not revert back to the traditional ways of days gone by.

You need to evolve your team, or those building a new team need to get off to the best possible start in your sales journey. Be sure to contact us for more information – we are here to help!

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