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The B2B Migration to Modern Sales

It has been as massive as the wildebeest annual migration yet you’ve decided that the migration to a Modern Sales approach just wasn’t for you or your business.

The annual migration of wildlife between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya takes place between July and October. The migration of almost two million wildebeest, zebras and other species is natures greatest spectacle on earth
You’ve thought your business was somehow different to other businesses. Your sales management and sales forces have cleverly reinforced that thought with claims that “this business is all about face to face relationships”.

Can I point out that would be those same Sales Dinosaurs that blame Marketing for the lack of sales leads or those Sales Dinosaurs that are sat there today with little idea how to prospect in a modern selling world.

This is a skills gap that has been recently so deeply exposed.

Let me check if you’re stuck in The 3rd Industrial Revolution and you’re happy with continual pumping money into your website and email campaigns…I mean, that’s modern selling isn’t it?

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How Did you Miss “The 4th Industrial Revolution”?

The 4 Industrial Revolutions
Perhaps you’ve been meaning to change your sales approach but not gotten around to it yet. You’ve been successful, you’ve seen growth and you’ve always seen good time….but, can I ask, what are you thinking now?

Maybe your sat there right now wondering what your sales force are up to.

What are they doing to generate sales, cultivate relationships and lets face it stay relevant to your valued customers.

Sure you’ve got to trust them, but do they know what to do?

When was the last time you looked at your sales process, your customers buying journey and trained your sales force?

Plan.Grow.Do. – Transforming B2B Salesforce’s.
It’s never been more important to connect with your buyers changing buying journey and that was the subject of a recent thought leading article. Read If Your Buyer Has Just Stopped Selling its got to be Time to Stop Selling

The core of the PGD Sales Methodology is that it blends the parts you should already be good at (the tradition) with the new sales skills required to succeed in modern sales (the modern).

Check out the PGD methodology below and you’ll still see your Call Plans, your Sales Pipeline Management and Networking, but, blended with Social Selling, Online Networks and Content Creation.

Importantly you’ll now be able to see with absolute clarity the job requirements and expectations of the Modern B2B Salesforce.

Perhaps now your a little more worried as to what your traditional B2B salesforce are doing right now?

modern sales methodology

Don’t Just Take Our Word – Miller Heiman Data
One of the biggest changes you’ll be experiencing right now is just how effective or ineffective your individual sellers are at generating opportunities, developing or nurturing new and existing relationships online.

For many Dinosaur sales people, LinkedIn is nothing more than something they thought they should have.

They have put no effort into creating an online presence that enables them to talk to your customer and prospects,.

Just think of how difficult it is to turn on a network at times like these if you haven’t been active.

Just think of how your sellers are or are not standing out from the crowd right now?

Just think about how many of your competitors are winning this race because they have already adopted a modern sales approach.

See the results below – are you ready to get our help and enter the 4th Revolution yet?

social media for B2B sellers

The 5 Key B2B Sales Metrics of Sellers Using Social Media
The Change – Who Owns the Media
We need these “Social Networks” because we need to engage and share valuable insights with our customers and prospects.

The Dinosaur leaves this to Marketing and always have someone else to blame for lead generation or the success of sales campaigns.

The Modern Sales seller owns this part of the B2B sales role and perosnlises content and places it infront of your customers and prospects.

By doing this they are creating and nurturing relationships by positioning themselves and your company as the leading voice in the sector and industry.

Imagine leaving this to your competition…perhaps you are?

Check out the image below that shows that the Media Owner is no longer the Head Office Marketing team but the seller the person who build a relationship up with customers and prospects – your salesforce!

B2B sales

If you’ve decided not to miss another opportunity to migrate your B2B salesforce to a modern sales approach all you have to do is reach out to us at info@plangrowdo.com and we can talk about our physical and digital sales training programmes.

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