Plan.Grow.Do goes to Athens with UEIL

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PGD Goes to Athens with UEIL

Top Facts About Athens

1. It’s Europe’s oldest capital city.
Athens’ origins date back to 3,000 B.C.

2. It was the birthplace of democracy.
In 500 B.C., a system was enacted in Athens where eligible citizens could directly vote on laws – giving rise to democracy.

3. The marathon was named after a long run to Athens in 490 B.C.
If you’ve ever run (or would like to run) a marathon, you can thank Pheidippides – a Greek soldier who ran from Marathon, Greece to Athens in 490 B.C. His long run inspired today’s 26.2 mile “marathon” event.

Rob and Steve from PGD

Rob and Steve are taking in the History of Athens

What took us to Athens this October?
We talk often about finding the “right room”.

That room is a room that is full of the people you want to do business with.

That room is full of businesses that you know you can uniquely help, serve and add value to.

It’s a room that knows that it needs what you offer, but hasn’t quite put its arms around the challenge.

It’s a room that needs help identifying where to start

It’s a room where when given the opportunity to talk and share – the magic happens.

That’s the “right room”!

Why was Athens the “right room”?
You’ll know that at Plan.Grow.Do. we help sellers in B2B sales teams find confidence through process and structure to succeed in a changed sales world.

A sector where relationships and sales success are baked in tradition and pedigree, but a sector that has been adversely impacted by world events over the last few years.

The event was the UEIL Congress and the annual gathering of business leaders who were attracted by the theme of the Congress “Driving innovation – the lubricant industry on the move”.

Sales had its place at the table and we were going to grab it.

PGD in Athens

Steve is sharing how your sales process needs to consider how your buyer wants to buy

What did we do?
We were thrilled that in November 2021, Tobia Tasche, MD of SIP – Speciality Oils and Fluids made an introduction to Valentina Serra-Holm, Vice President, Engineered Fluids at Perstorp Holding AB

Valentina at that time was the President of UEIL (Union of the European Lubricants Industry) and was starting to build the agenda for the aforementioned congress.

The subject of how a Lubricants (B2B) Buyers buying journey has changed was seen as an exciting candidate to showcase at the congress.

The topic was so relevant and motivating to Valentina that she suggested the topic be offered as a value-added sales workshop and that we bring the topic forward in the section of the congress that would end up being titled Innovation in Sales.

20 sellers took the opportunity to join us at the sales workshop “How to Talk to Your Customer Before They are ready to Buy”

Rob delivering insights at the How to Talk to Your Customer Before They are Ready to Buy Sales Workshop

Rob delivering insights at the How to Talk to Your Customer Before They are Ready to Buy Sales Workshop

Here’s your FREE download that shares some of the insights you need to talk to your customers before they are ready to buy!

How to effectively talk to your customer before they are ready to buy

The main stage saw a lot of activity over the two days and the congress sponsored by LPC S.A. was hitting the spot with talk providing substance to the theme “Driving innovation – the lubricant industry on the move”.

Steve was ready at about 07.00 in all honesty for his talk that was delivered a 16.40 🤦🏼‍♂️

Our much sought-after keynote “Selling how Your Buyer Wants to Buy” was well received and conversations have already started as a consequence of it.

This is great for us and we’re keen to develop further the value we add to the finished lubricant sector.

Following Steve was Yana Wilkinson Vice President, Energy from Kline & Company and she spoke to the congress on E-commerce and Applying a Tactical and Strategic lens.

The session was rounded off with a lively Q&A chaired by David Wright the Director General at UKLA (United Kingdom Lubricants Association Ltd) who kicked off with this friendly question; “Is face-to-face selling dead?”

My answer; Yes, as you know it today…for more read “The Times They Are a Changin’ penned by Rob

If you are interested to learn more about our work and how we can help your sales team get to grips with “modern selling”, let’s start the conversation.

You can always read more in our book Modern Sales Leadership

Our thanks to all the organisers and the organisation that went into this inspiring event.

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