Self development in B2B sales

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How sales teams and sales leaders can start with personal development.

We suggest from our research around the changing face of sales – how multiple generations can work better together, that Gen-Z (those born between 1996 and 2010) value an organisation that values them. They want a workplace that aligns with their values and ethics and a workplace culture that holds some value on the mental health of the salesforce and team.

In this excellent article about the important and often overlooked role of personal development, Mark Samuel dives into an increased requirement for personal development and perhaps more relevant here as to how personal leadership leads to organisational leadership, saying;

We are not just employees. We are parents, spouses, partners, neighbors and community members. Regardless of the situation in our personal lives, we have a choice to be leaders or followers, or even worse, victims of our circumstances. – Mark Samuel, Forbes

Mark goes on to suggest in the article that each of the roles we play outside of work still carry the same behavioural requirements that we see in the workplace too; skills of planning, getting organised, teamwork, inclusive communication, transparency and the courage to take action and change when necessary.

So it makes sense doesn’t it, that organisations in a modern environment should champion and facilitate an environment that promotes self-development, both for the benefit of the employee but also for a better sales organisation?

Let’s take a look at how we think sales professionals can begin taking steps to improve themselves both at home and at work. These snippets are taken from our conversation with Steve Judge, world champion, public speaker and advocate for pursuing a path of personal development. You can see the full conversation over on our YouTube channel.

📹 Watch 👉 Why mindset matters in B2B sales with Steve Judge.

How can a sales exec start with self-development?

Knowing what makes your employees tick

Keeping you connected at work

I hope this short article and video conversation gives you some motivation for where to begin yours, or your organisational, plan for personal development! Be sure to watch the full conversation with Steve Judge and also continue the exploration with suggested reading below!

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