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B2B Sales Success

Having a 35-year journey via Calor Gas, Shell UK, Shell International and more recently as a business owner with Plan. Grow. Do. I’m beginning to more and more accept that I am more towards the end of my working life than many that I now help and advise.

Therefore, I thought it might be helpful for me to look back and share some of my insights with those who are just starting out or on the journey in their B2B sales careers.

What stops you from using social media for B2B sales?

What stops us using social media in B2B sales?

Love it or loath it, social media and the platforms that encompass it are here to stay. They’ve drastically disrupted the way we communicate, research, absorb information and more importantly, the way we build meaningful relationships.

If as a sales professional you are anticipating the return to how buying happened up to February 2020 then unfortunately you might be waiting a long time. The pandemic of 2020 has simply accelerated the inevitable shift to an integrated online/offline world where digital relationships are as important to the consumer as face to face bonding.

The digitalisation of the sales process (and what you can do about it)


Covid-19 simply accelerated the inevitable. Your changing buyer behaviour means you must refresh and modernise the sales process to align with the shifting demands and expectations of a very complex customer base.

How can you begin to digitalise your sales process? Some thoughts here to get you started.

How to Improve Your Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Being an effective Sales Coach is a differentiator when it comes to the results of sales teams and the results of individual sales professionals.

The quality of a Sales Coach has a direct impact on sales performance whilst also positively impacting attrition rates when it comes to your star performers.

Effective Sales Coaching is a critical component in driving sales performance

Is Face to Face Sales Training Back to Normal?

Sales training from Plan Grow Do

This last month has seen us reconnecting back to f2f training with real gusto and momentum.

It was a big, but I think important, decision to take for us as trainers and obviously a well considered step for the companies we were employed by.

With online training taking the place of classroom learning for almost 2 years I wanted to reflect on this last month and share some insights.

Talking all about the customer. A podcast with Rob Taylor and Danny&Co

Talking all about the customer

I was pleased to be invited to The Answer Is Brand podcast with Danny Matthews of Danny&Co, where we discussed all things customer and how knowing your customer, really understanding what makes them tick, can only be a benefit to your sales results. Too often we see a whole group of people and assume, with no prior knowledge of context, that each of them is our customer.

This isn’t the case and we must become more of an expert solution for a defined group of people who we hope might one day become our customers. Just because it’s never been easier or quicker to speak to a mass of people doesn’t, and shouldn’t, mean that customers are ready to buy more quickly.

We talk about this in great detail in this podcast, I hope you enjoy it!

Steve Knapp on sales skills, trends and strategy.

Steve Knapp on Sales Skills Trends and Strategy

Hey guys, it’s Jon here. I recently taught to Plan.Grow.Do’s Steve Knapp.

We talked about skills for the modern b2b seller, what they can learn from b2c in the learning space, and also about future-proofing of sales strategy is even possible.

Let’s find out.

It’s really good to speak to Steve, it’s on a topic that we don’t cover that often, which is always nice.

So set that desk fan to the maximum. Get yourself a nice cold glass of water. And enjoy.

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