The Power of Sales Excellence Assessment with the Plan Grow Do Tool

Share this article Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The Power of Sales Excellence Assessment with the Plan Grow Do Tool In today’s highly competitive business environment, achieving sales excellence is not just an aspiration; it’s a necessity for sustainable growth and success. To reach this pinnacle, it’s crucial for organizations to have a deep understanding of their […]

The opportunities in B2B sales. Anthony Iannarino chats with Plan Grow Do.

The opportunities in B2B sales. Anthony Iannarino chats with Plan Grow Do.

Share this article Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The opportunities in B2B sales. Anthony Iannarino chats with Plan Grow Do. Rob Taylor engages in a conversation with Anthony Iannarino regarding contemporary sales practices and the challenges that sales professionals face. The dialogue commences with a focus on the problem of commoditization in the sales industry. Anthony Iannarino […]

The Evolving B2B Buyer: The Impact of Digital


Share this article Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The Evolving B2B Buyer: The Impact of Digital Introduction The advent of digital and social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with each other, especially in the realm of B2B transactions. The modern B2B buyer has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to the availability of vast amounts of […]

What Is A Sales Mindset?

Share this article Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What Is A Sales Mindset? Before we come to a Sales Mindset I think it important that we connect to the importance of mindset in many aspects of attainment, success and satisfaction. Mindset refers to the way people think about their abilities, potential, and the world around them. It can have a significant impact […]

PGD Goes to Athens with UEIL

Plan.Grow.Do goes to Athens with UEIL

What took us to Athens this October?
We talk often about finding the “right room”.

That room is a room that is full of the people you want to do business with.

That room is full of businesses that you know you can uniquely help, serve and add value to.

It’s a room that knows that it needs what you offer, but hasn’t quite put its arms around the challenge.

It’s a room that needs help identifying where to start

It’s a room where when given the opportunity to talk and share – the magic happens.

That’s the “right room”!

Is cockpit culture damaging your sales results?

Cockpit culture in sales

The Korean culture is an example of a hierarchical culture. But perhaps, just maybe, you have experienced structure and behaviours like this in your workplace and career. According to My HR Toolkit, a hierarchical culture is a culture that “…predominantly focuses on creating a relatively fixed organisational structure through the implementation of certain processes and rules, as well as the introduction of multiple levels of power and responsibility within the organisation.

A Guru or a Leading Voice?

Guru or leading advice?

The sales profession has always carried a stigma and this has normally been nurtured by sectors that are driven by the hard realities of selling by the numbers: Double Glazing, Second-Hand Cars, Pensions etc.

I don’t know when I started becoming aware of the birth of the celebrity Sales Guru.

Over time I’ve noticed that the stigma is being fed by some “sales professionals” themselves. Those 10 X merchants that suck you in and promise you a “sure thing” if you sign up.

Those people that you’re fearful to click on a link when their 20-second video appears on your screen promising you the wealth you aspire to or, the free download to the 7-step process to freedom that you covet.

Knowing that if you enter their ecosystem you’ll enter a constant flow of automated emails because there’s a conference seat to sell and you just have to attend to gain your financial freedom.

Is Your Sales Recruitment Full Of Bias?

B2B sales recruitment

Recruitment of sales professionals has always been challenging.

Finding the right person for the job, someone that will fit in with the team, someone that will be loved by our customers…someone who can sell!

How sales teams and sales leaders can start with personal development.

Self development in B2B sales

Let’s take a look at how we think sales professionals can begin taking steps to improve themselves both at home and at work. These snippets are taken from our conversation with Steve Judge, world champion, public speaker and advocate for pursuing a path of personal development. You can see the full conversation over on our YouTube channel.

Exploiting Alignment to Win More Sales

Win more sales by exploiting alignment

Exploiting organisational alignment is the difference between good businesses and great ones.

Great businesses know the results it brings and deliberately goes after it.

They know the behaviours they want to see and invest the resource they need to make it happen.

From top to bottom alignment through all departments, being highly visible, appreciable, and palpable.

Some organisations think it too difficult and perhaps even consider that’s all’s well…I suggest you read on.

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