What Sales Training Do You Need?

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Modern Sales Training, Modern Selling, Plan.Grow.Do.

What Sales Training Do You Need?

What Sales Training do you need?

What Sales Training do you need?

I’m asking this in the assumption that you need some.

Whether that’s now or in the near future but, you’ll need some.

You know how hard it is to create that sales momentum after the Christmas holidays and how hard it is to keep things together over the Summer holidays.

You know how long it takes to see that your strategy is paying off and that the front line have got it and are implementing if effectively.

Well this pandemic has added an unknown variable into your usual routines.

Your teams will come back in a very different mindset.

That mindset might be apprehensive, it might be tenacious, it might be positive but for sure it will need your intervention.

[Covid-19 Response] Fully Funded Sales Training For Sheffield City Region.


What about your buyers, your prospects, your customers?

Your buyers will be returning back to work in a very similar fashion.

They will be picking up projects, reassessing strategies, re confirming budgets.

You need to consider your buyers return as you consider your sellers return to work.

You need to put the customer at the centre of your fresh impetus to sales.

This is where “What Sales Training do you need” comes in.

Time to start planning – post COVID

We all know that there is a significant upside to Sales training;

  • Bringing a team together after a long absence
  • Finding a common purpose and defining a way forward
  • Recovering that team spirit that you had before the break
  • Reconnecting to your sales goals and sales ambition

It would be a mistake to get your team back to work and not consider how your buyers journey would have changed and how your sales approach needs to recognise this.

Creating momentum with a nice full sales pipeline of the clients who are ready to buy will be your goal and… it will be the goal of your competition.

Staying ahead of the game is where you need to be and this is where Plan.Grow.Do. comes in.

We are pleased to meet you and be part of helping you re-establish your sales force as the best sales force in your industry.

The Plan.Grow.Do. Methodology

A methodology that blends the best of both modern and traditional aspects of sales and marketing.

Bringing to one training programme the role of the modern B2B sales professional.

Plan.Grow.Do. breaks this down into three dynamic journeys.

Putting your customer at the centre of all your activity.

Below you’ll see how we break down the three journeys in our dynamic approach.

Training Options – we’ve got four for you to consider

Regardless of your circumstances or location Plan.Grow.Do. is accessible to you and to your team.

Let’s just highlight the four different methods of delivery and you can find out more by clicking on the image or the link below.

Online –  Perfect for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Professionals owning their development.

Online Live – Perfect for global Sales Leaders, International Sales Managers or national Sales Teams.

Live – Perfect for Sales Leaders, Sales Managers and Sales Teams who want results.

Premier –  Perfect for Sales Leaders and Sales Managers who want sustain the change.



Quality Mark – we’ve got your covered

We recently announced that Plan.Grow.Do. has been awarded the prestigious Quality Mark from One Awards.

This Quality Mark should be a significant factor in your decision when choosing us as your future training programme and training provider.

A Quality Mark ensures that the training programme awarded the mark maximises development opportunities and this is where you can be assured you’ll get the bang for your buck.

Plan.Grow.Do. is Awarded Prestigious Quality Mark

Funding – For the Sheffield City Region

Businesses based in the Sheffield City Region can access up to 70% funding for Plan. Grow. Do. training.

You only need to start the conversation with us to establish how we can help you access this funding.

This is another example as the regard that Plan.Grow.Do. is held not only in the business world but the educational world also.

Read and find out more about How to apply for Skills Bank Funding for Plan Grow Do. here.


It’s not all about what we say so let’s show you what we do in this video and just before you watch it, check out what one of our customers say about us;

Developing and establishing a new sales team is challenging especially during a busy sales cycle and there’s never a good time to stop and learn.

Steve and Rob made the process so much easier.

Having utilised many sales coaches previously, I found the course was aimed at any level and was easily adaptable to the audience.

The team felt invested in, valued and more importantly all left feeling empowered to make a change to their usual sales technique.

Louise Allen – Group Director of Business Development and Sales at NOCN


DOWNLOAD – The 5 changes you need to make to future proof your sales.

A new document from us to help you recognise the role of content in context and how you must maximise the purpose of that content with your buyers.

5 Anchors of modern sales


Plan.Grow.Do. is available in digital, webinar and classroom formats

The time is always right to reflect how best to help your sales team develop, to serve your customers and shareholders.

Now is the time to act and get ahead of the competition.

If we’ve helped you decided the time is right to invest your B2B salesforce reach out to us at info@plangrowdo.com or click here to arrange a call with either Steve or Rob and we can start the conversation.


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Plan.Grow.Do. is Awarded Prestigious Quality Mark


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