Sales Training Success Stories from Plan. Grow. Do.

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Sales Training Success Stories from Plan. Grow. Do.

From experienced sellers to those new to sales, our Plan. Grow. Do. suite of sales training solutions has something for you!

We believe sales should be a natural, enjoyable part of business, not something that is forced or uncomfortable.

We are helping hundreds of businesses and sales teams find the process, confidence and structure to sell.

Our customer feedback is a joy to see. Some quick results, some clear paradigm shifts and lots of effective implementation points are all contributing to the sales success of those who attend our training and programmes.

Our Strategy product is helping businesses who may be more traditional in their actions find a better way to sell with the development of a robust sales process. If you find yourself saying yes to every opportunity, focussed solely on price, working far too long, wasting time quoting, chasing, following up anyone who connects with you then you may be lacking a committed sales process. Plan. Grow. Do. is helping this business really position themselves well in a competitive marketplace.

See more about building a sales process with our one to one Strategy programme here:

Avoiding awkward conversations and the ‘can you just’ customers in sales! Apply the 4D model to your sales process to help you take responsibility and control of your actions!

I can’t ask that!

This small business owner was reluctant to build in a referral process for his existing customer base. All too often we chase new customers that we forget the value in maintaining relationships with our existing customers!

The more experienced attendees of our Online Live have been thrilled to work with a repeatable and consistent sales process. The team at ASD Lighting have found tremendous benefit in their efficiency by being able to focus better on the best opportunities, not all opportunities that present themselves in the sales pipeline.

Becoming digital aware in a modern sales environment

The modern sales environment was always heading towards a more digital setting, Covid-19 has simply accelerated the inevitable. As this learner outlines, the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in normal activity and Online Live sales training has helped them begin their journey to adapting to a modern sales environment and talk to customers in a way that is relevant and indeed the ‘new normal’ for sales.

Less haste, more speed!

It’s tempting to simply get busy at any cost, isn’t it? The Online Live programme helped this sales professional check themselves and their actions to maintain control over their sales pipeline.

Plan. Grow. Do. has a sales solution for you. From Online Live group learning to in-business work (delivered online or live) and our 12-week Strategy programme to our focussed sessions on Effective Customer Profiling, Pipeline Management or The Three Re’s Strategy and Social Media Made Easy, there is something for you and your team.

We look forward to working with you!

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