What do attendees get from Plan. Grow. Do. Online Live sales training? [Case studies inside!]

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What do attendees get from Plan. Grow. Do. Online Live sales training? [Case studies inside!]

At the time of writing, Plan. Grow. Do. Online Live sales training has helped over 100 sales people and business owners develop the confidence, structure and process to sell more in what is most definitely a changed world. We have taken the time to catch up with some of our attendees to see how they have got on, what they have implemented since the training, and what the results of investing 9 hours of time to develop their sales process and sales skills has done for their business.

Plan. Grow. Do. Online Live sales training is currently available fully funded for businesses and sales teams in the Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham areas. This support is part of the Sheffield City Region Growth Hub response to Covid-19 and we are proud to be able to offer this help to businesses as a provider for Skillsbank.

Download the Plan. Grow. Do. Online Live brochure to see how you will benefit from the sales training programme helping business across the Sheffield City Region.

fully funded sales training for sheffield city region brochure

Case study 1: Kayleigh Thompson, Energy Consultant, Professional Energy Purchasing.

“One of the biggest outcomes was seeing how the sales and marketing operation of a business actually complement each other…”

Kayleigh said the training gave her a completely new perspective on the relationship between two key parts of her business – sales and marketing. It also provided a lot of post-training support and invaluable hints and tips.

She said: “One of the biggest outcomes was seeing how the sales and marketing operation of a business actually complement each other and should always be made to work together. I’d never viewed it like that before.

I can’t believe how much I took away from the training. I carry the three course books around in my laptop bag everywhere I go. It’s very easy to lose sight of what you should be doing and what should take priority when you’re busy in your job. Plan. Grow. Do. has helped keep my focus on the right things.

“I now make a ‘to do’ list and a ‘priority list’.

“I was that impressed with what I’d experienced on the Plan. Grow. Do. taster webinars through the Chamber of Commerce I was all ready to buy the course. When I found it was fully funded, I jumped at the chance! I’d suggest anyone else does the same.”

Case study 2: Jason Duffy, Arthur Rose Recruitment

“This training was truly worth its weight in gold for me.

Jason Duffy is a recruitment agent in a relatively new business. He says every single aspect of Plan. Grow. Do. was of high value. He also enjoyed the fact – though the training was delivered live online – that he was able to share best practice with other businesses on the course.

 “This training was truly worth its weight in gold for me. It’s very easy to get complacent in your business. It’s very easy to forget the importance of training. I’m so very glad I opted for doing the Plan. Grow. Do. course. Being a relatively new business there’s so much to think about.

Some of the most important things I’ve learnt for my business is the sales funnel and sales cycle; how to pitch yourself and an insight into how the different platforms work. It was very interesting to know where I’m selling on the sales cycle and how that can be adapted to influence the outcome. I got complacent and I was stuck in a rut. Even if you think you know it all you definitely don’t.

“The style of presentation was brilliant and I’m still in touch with people from the course.”

Case study 3: Adam Bradley, Corrosion Resistant Materials Ltd.

No one will leave Plan. Grow. Do. empty handed.

Mexborough-based Corrosion Resistant Materials Ltd is a family-run specialist, technical materials supplier working in the steel trade. The industry has been particularly hard hit in the pandemic. Getting the Sheffield City Region’s traditional industries ‘digitally fit’ is a major goal of the Plan. Grow. Do. programme. Adam Bradley, director of Corrosion Resistant Materials, successfully completed our training.

He said: “No one will leave Plan. Grow. Do. empty handed. Before the pandemic, I’d be getting in the car or boarding a plane to do face-to-face meetings. Now I’m doing 15 meetings a day on Zoom or on the phone. I’m far more productive.

“The Plan. Grow. Do. training encouraged me to position myself as more of an expert and grasp opportunities. The company now works more collaboratory with other stockholders. This never happened before.

Feedback from Adam Bradley about the fully funded sales training opportunity with Plan. Grow. Do. Online Live

“People sometimes dismiss training opportunities like this because they think it will be too much time out of their working day. This was a great time investment and it didn’t’ actually take that much time. Every single business will get something out of it.”

Case study 4: Andy Freeman, Space To Breath.

We’re looking at ways to build trust and then helping people. The sales are coming more naturally.

Andy Freeman is co-director and founder of Space to Breath – a collective of experienced and professional well-being experts based all over the UK. The business is well-versed in dealing with people that have mental health issues – getting the sales strategy exactly right was of paramount importance.

Andy Freeman said: “I was always aware sales was something we needed to do more of. But I was a bit nervous about it. I wanted to do sales in a way that seemed right for the values of our company. Before Plan. Grow. Do. there was no sense of planning attached to our sales strategy and I was very attracted to that area of the training. I found the course delivered on that and a lot more. Prior to the training I’d say we were absolutely delighted when anyone at all wanted to work with us – whether they fitted us or not! Now we have an understanding of the kinds of people we can help. Before the course I was very good at coming up with my own good idea and I’d say ‘let’s do this’. Now we’re identifying things people are struggling with.

We’re looking at ways to build trust and then helping people. The sales are coming more naturally. We’ve come up with a company well-being audit to allow businesses to spot any areas that need addressing. We’re then working with those companies to address the issues.”

Case Study 5: Rob Shaw, Glu Recruit

Every single member of our team was left with something positive from the training that they’re now implementing in their day-to-day role

Rob Shaw is managing director of Sheffield-based Glu Recruit – a business that has enjoyed over a decade in the industry. Plan. Grow. Do. has enabled the company to have a far clearer understanding of its ideal customers and how best to engage with them – vital in a period that has seen a fundamental shift in the ways companies do business following the impact of the pandemic.

Rob Shaw said: “Every single member of our team was left with something positive from the training that they’re now implementing in their day-to-day role. Plan. Grow. Do. has provided the company with a much clearer idea of who our ideal clients are and how we structure our sales activity to engage with them. This has made it far easier to measure success and identify any further training required within Glu Recruitment.

The training itself was delivered in a very down to earth way. It was insightful and fun. I would encourage any business to take part. The world has changed so much this year and sales efforts need to adapt to a different kind of marketplace. Plan. Grow. Do. is a great opportunity to make sure you’re selling to the right people in the right way. You will be given the clarity and structure to move forward and have a far more competitive business as a result.”

Case Study 6: ASD Lighting!

A truly British company, ASD Lighting designs, develops and manufactures products from our 200,000 sq ft factory in the heart of South Yorkshire.

ASD pride themselves on a reputation for innovation and quality, using our skills and expertise to design and manufacture a unique portfolio of attractive, hard wearing products, featuring practical and time-saving installation features.

There national sales team have attend Online Live to help gain a further understanding to a modern sales approach. You can see some feedback from a couple of their sales managers in this video which goes to show with small changes applied from the learning of Plan. Grow. Do., business can see very meaningful and quick results!

Sponsored sales training for businesses and sales teams.

We are proud to be able to help so many businesses and sales teams adapt to a changed sales environment. The Plan. Grow. Do. sales training is helping businesses and sales teams find the confidence, process and structure to sell in a changed world and we are able to offer sponsored sales training to help you get to grips with a modern business environment.

Online Live sales training is changing the way we do sales and puts the customer first in all your sales efforts. With a modern joined up approach of online/offline , traditional and modern you will learn to talk in a meaningful way with your market and become more effective and efficient. We look forward to seeing you soon! Head over to the Online Live Sponsored page to access your sponsored sales training.

To see if you qualify for fully funded sales training in the Sheffield City Region, check out our 3 step pre qualification.
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