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Welcome to Plan. Grow. Do. Strategy.

What is our Strategy programme?
Our Strategy programme is designed to help you sell more.

Plan. Grow. Do. Strategy helps business owners and busy sales leaders identify the clarity, structure and process to deliver their sales success by working with you to plug the gaps and remove the blockers that are preventing you selling and maximising your profits.

The Strategy programme is a focussed 12 weeks sales and marketing development programme designed to address the modern sales approach that we share in all our training.

We work with you to develop your own online/offline, traditional and modern approach to sales that will have you fit for the modern sales environment.

We will help you identify the best possible opportunities for your business, control how you operate within your business and help your convert more of the opportunities that matter to your business.

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Who Is It For?

Those who have attended one of our Plan. Grow. Do. Online Live, Online or Live sessions often uncover their own areas that require more focus and exploration. The Plan. Grow. Do. methodology that has been shared in these is giving you the results, but now you are ready to take your sales activity further.
The level of accountability and one to one coaching is vital for you and your business to thrive using the Plan. Grow. Do. methodology.

The Strategy programme lends itself to business owners who may have got busy doing what they do and often find themselves reacting to marketplace, not driving it.

It’s for you if know you are ready to unlock the potential of a sales process but that absence of guidance and accountability to develop a proven approach can be frustrating and the Strategy programme will give you that dedicated time, focus, clarity you need to succeed.

What Can I Expect

You will end the 12 weeks with a personalised and actionable sales process that is curated and tailored for you and your business specifically.

 You are held accountable to your sales trainers to ensure your previously identified goals and tasks have been actioned. 

We are action-oriented and require you to commit to us what you will be doing to achieve the outcomes identified during the sessions. 

In your weekly 90 minute live coaching session we will be working with you based on the pre work and homework you are set each week relating to a topic born from the Plan. Grow. Do. Methodology. These sessions are focussed on your specific business in a one to one setting to ensure you actually do what you commit to do and use our time together to constantly evolve and develop your understanding and application of a sales process. 

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

How Can I Find Out More

Pop us a quick message and find out how we can help you & your business!

The Plan. Grow. Do. Strategy process.

Our 12 week process is designed to help you get results and sales success in a modern selling environment.

Week 1: Modern Sales Assessment / Personality Profiling and your business

We will start with an assessment of you and your business. It’s important to know how you operate, your business make up and identify your key sales strengths and weaknesses.

Week 2: Customer Profiling

Not everyone is your customer, and that’s ok! Who you want to do business with and how you want to do business with them is explored in this session.

Week 3: Buying Journey

It’s important not to sell how you like to buy, but you should aim to sell how your buyer likes to buy. In a modern selling environment, your online / offline approach is key and we will dive in to a buying journey to match your best customer.

Week 4: Leading Voice.

In this session, we look at what makes you the go-to person in your sector and how you can portray why you do what you do in the context of your best customer profile.

Week 5: Goals & Plans.

So now we know, who, how and why it’s important to set some measurable and meaningful goals and plans to help you monitor your sales plans, process and success.

Week 6: Progress reporting

It’s important to check in and ensure we have all the moving parts in place before moving ahead with our strategic planning. This session will make sure we are all aligned and working together with the previous sessions to encourage effective driving forward of your vision.

Week 7: Digital Media Profiling

Which platforms and digital tools are right for you now you have your vision, goals and customer in mind? We take a look here about the profiles of platforms in relation to the customer and how best to tie this in to the sales process; blending online with offline and tradition with modern.

Week 8: Content planning

Content in context across your digital platforms is key in the modern selling environment. What assets do you have? Which gaps can you identify and what does your buyer want to see? In this session we explore the topic of content and how it can truly benefit you in your sales process.

Week 9: 4D planning

Our 4Ds model is a pivotal piece of work that ties together 3 vital apsects of your sales process. 1. The Message purpose. 2. The platforms used to enable the delivery of the message. 3. The content in context to share on the platform. This is all with a view on the buying journey and how you can create a robust sales process that joins up much of our previous work

Week 10: Your sales process

Now you have the confidence, the insight and the structure needed to go out and sell. Your sales process is your best friend in your selling activity and this powerful session will leave you with immense clarity on your direction and how you are going to meet your goals.

Week 11 & 12: Execution and Delivery

Two weeks of ensuring maximum understanding, maximum clarity and maximum focus on the key elements of your sales process to ensure it forms new habits, actions and ownership of your business development.

Your Expert Trainers Are Here!

Rob & Steve are both experts in their own fields both bringing their own experience and knowledge to the table.

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Rob Taylor

Rob is an award-winning marketing professional with 13 years of professional marketing experience. He has seen the rise of digital marketing and adapted businesses to embrace the format rather than fear it.

The opportunity to lead your market with a modern approach is right now and Rob will help you see how you can apply effective marketing to your business in a jargon-free way, which is guaranteed to make sense to even the most novice of marketers!

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Steve Knapp

Steve Knapp’s inspirational selling techniques are still the cornerstone of Shell International. He rose through the ranks to become responsible for the success of the company’s sales teams right across the globe.

Steve’s now using that incredible knowledge to help business owners and sales people embrace a modern selling approach.

The author of Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy, Steve provides sales training in an energetic, pragmatic, actionable and outcome focused lessons that stick and deliver results.

How Can I Find Out More

Pop us a quick message and find out how we can help you & your business!