Plan.Grow.Do. Join The ISAT

by | May 7, 2021 | Modern Sales Training, Plan.Grow.Do., Thought Leadership

Plan.Grow.Do. Join The ISAT

Plan.Grow.Do. has joined the IAST as we continue to look to demonstrate our excellence in the field of Sales Training.

We read this IAST statement and wanted to find out more;

“An Organisation dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the field of Sales Training and supporting Sales Coaches & Trainers around the World”

International Association of Sales Training

We were curious to find how membership would help us demonstrate to our customers and future customers our commitment to excellence.

So we decided to become members!

Let us share a little about the IAST.

About The IAST

Run by expert Sales Coaches & Trainers, the IAST also helps Companies & Organisations in every industry all over the World ensure the highest standard of Sales Operations through Professional Sales Training service provision.

The International Association of Sales Training objectives:

Assemble The Best

To bring together Sales Trainers from around the World to promote better Sales Training

Standardise The Industry

To improve and standardise the quality of Sales Training available to Organisations


To provide an International forum, assembly and marketplace for Sales Training

Complimenting Our Quality Mark

We feel that being an IAST member would complement our One Award Quality Mark.

Further demonstrating the high standards that your Plan.Grow.Do. Sales Training attains.

A Quality Mark recognises and celebrates training programmes that maximise individuals’ development opportunities and helps raise standards across the sector.

Achieving the Quality Mark means our training meets a nationally recognised quality benchmark.

What Do Our Customers Say?

You can see how our customer respond to our training by reading Sales Training Success Stories From Plan.Grow.Do.

Or check these amazing graphic full of feedback from some of our customers.

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