Plan. Grow. Do. awarded Presidents’ Recognition at Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber Of Commerce.

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Plan. Grow. Do. awarded Presidents’ Recognition at Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber Of Commerce.

Building business in challenging times.

Plan. Grow. Do. is a business that, like many, faced an immense challenge in March 2020. Realising that we weren’t alone in this pandemic we set about innovating our services and product delivery to be able to offer our support to as many businesses in the region as possible.

We believe that every business should have access to relevant skills and opportunities that are available during this pandemic to best position themselves to sustain the threats of the pandemic and thrive with success afterwards. This meant innovating our provision of effective sales training and making sure our training remained relevant.

Our Online Live sales training is a business development training programme delivered live and online to groups of up to 30 businesses at a time across three 3 hour sessions; Plan, Grow and Do. We are about creating the best training experiences for our attendees and we marry up the best in online learning with the best of tradition and the physical; each attendee receives their own guidebooks for each session to complete, keep and reference beyond our 9 hours together. 

Every learner also has access to the session recordings and online training support to get the best chance of success. This is all available at no extra cost and helps us realise more about our vision and mission to support the region. 

We wanted to contribute to the regions’ recovery and resurgence and by increasing the reach of our training, building collaborative partnerships and moving quickly, we have supported hundreds of businesses in various formats across the region; from webinars, one to one work, Online Live cohort sessions and more.

We have worked with national sales teams based out of the Sheffield City Region and the smallest of start ups and owner managed business.

We are helping business at a pace which we believe is unmatched and working collaboratively with key stakeholders in the region we can accomodate the volume required to help contribute our bit back to the region to help all those within it bounce back with an understanding and application of what it means to operate and sell in a changed world. 

The results are amazing and it is something for which we are very proud. By the end of 2020, upwards of 250 businesses will have benefited from some kind of sales and marketing training from the Plan. Grow. Do. suite of sales solutions.

We have a 94% ‘likely to refer’ rating, a 100% satisfaction response and have found the feedback to refer led to an increase in sales, increased confidence and a leg up in helping businesses to find the skills needed to focus on the positives.

Our range of support, from free to access sales and marketing webinars, self-learning Online platform, specific one to one work and Online Live have each contributed to our mission to support the region. 

We have also partnered locally with Talent United, supporting the Barnsley College initiatives.

Sales success from Plan. Grow. Do. Sales training solutions. 

We are proud that our methodology is adapted and applied across the UK, increasingly so in the Sheffield City Region. It’s important to us that being a business from the region we must play our part in its success moving forwards. 

We are delighted that the results are coming through and providing people with the confidence, process and structure to sell in a changed world.

You can see more feedback and success stories from attendees of Plan. Grow. Do. Work over on our sales training success stories page.

sales training success stories from Plan. Grow. Do.

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber Of Commerce Presidents’ Recognition.

“I’m super proud of this recognition and what it represents. When the business community you work in notices what you contribute it feels good. Actually we have worked with almost 100 individuals from Barnsley and Rotherham since the first lockdown. We remain ready and willing to support many more through these most difficult and changed times.”

Steve Knapp

“It’s the recognition that contributes a great deal of pride for me personally. It’s long been a mission of mine to help the region realise its full potential and to contribute a small part to the regions’ recovery is something I’m incredibly proud of” 

Rob Taylor

To see more about the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber be sure to visit their website:

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