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Plan.Grow.Do. Online Live.

Plan.Grow.Do. Online live is the full Plan.Grow.Do. sales training delivered over 3 x 3 hours weekly sessions.

9 hours of sales training delivered online and live!

The sales training is supported by 3 course workbooks that help guide you through the training delivered by Steve and Rob.

Each workbook provides you with explainer notes, training exercises and notes pages and provided to enhance the virtual classroom experience.

As you work through the sales training your modern sales plan is built before your eyes and at the end of the training, you have the confidence, structure and process to implement it in your business.

Betters sales results are assured!

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What is Online Live?

What does our online live sales training look like?

A Modern Methodology That Combines Modern & Traditional Sales

A 3 by 3 hours online and live sales training course that covers 3 distinct sales journeys;

  • Plan.
  • Grow.
  • Do.

A methodology that blends the best of both modern and traditional aspects of sales and marketing. Bringing to one training programme the role of the modern B2B sales professional, putting your customer at the centre of all your activity.

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank
sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Who Is It For?

As a business owner, or B2B professional you may not have time, are unable to get out of the house, sales may not be your ‘thing’ but you must know you have a product or a service that deserves to be seen by many.

Plan. Grow. Do. the modern selling methodology helps you find the confidence and skill to sell your product.

Sales training is often scary and intimidating – but not Plan. Grow. Do. as it’s delivered online giving you total control to enable immediate sales improvement.

If you are a business owner, sales leader or salesperson and need to know how to adapt your sales methods in a modern and new world – Plan. Grow. Do. is just the thing you need.

Plan. Grow. Do. is perfect if you;

  • Have a brilliant product but it just won’t sell
  • Just can not understand why your buyers are not buying Need to find new skills to succeed in a new modern selling environment
  • Find making the time for new business development difficult
  • Need your learning in an online environment to adapt quickly to a changing marketplace

Plan.Grow.Do Online Live

These are the three distinct sales journeys we will take during our time together


We’ve all heard the old adage, if you fail to plan, then plan to fail. But is this true for sales? Well – yes! Just having an idea is all well and good but you are only 10% likely to achieve your goal with just an idea floating around your head. By having the conviction to actually follow through with your plan (but not writing it down) you are 25% more likely to achieve it.

By committing your plan to a process and confirming this plan to somebody within your team or network, you are now 65% more likely to achieve what it is you set out to do!

More than half of organisations and sales teams have no formal plan in place to help the team achieve their goals – yet those who have active accountability and plans in place are 95% more likely to achieve them.

Effective planning keeps your activities aligned with business goals, helps you focus on your actions and become more efficient with your time. Modern selling requires a modern approach and this all starts with building a sales plan, with your buyers and customers at the heart of that process.

Planning will help you appreciate that everyone is not your customer, how to find the ideal buyers for your business and put plans in place to guide you through your online and offline buyers journey.

What we work through with you;

  • Effective Customer Profiling
  • The Customer Journey
  • Know. Like. Trust.
  • Sales Processes and Strategies
  • SMART Objectives
  • Introduction to the Sales Funnel
  • The Maths of Selling
  • Maximising Opportunities
  • Sales Funnel Types


Many sellers aren’t afforded the opportunity to sit back and structure their growth plans.

At this stage of PGD you will do exactly that. You will build rock-solid growth strategies that will help you deliver the growth expected of you and in a more effective and targeted way, connect with more of your ideal Prospects that will ultimately become customers.

Growth seems an easy and logical step for your business doesn’t it, you have a great brand, great products and you are a great seller. So why is it getting tougher and tougher to make your sales targets?

In simple terms, your customers now have more choice, more channels and more information than ever before and if you are not very specific and careful creating your growth plans to meet and sell to the ideal client you’re behind your competition. Traditional approaches to sales just don’t cut it in this busy buyer-centric environment and you need to adapt to survive.

Grow will provide you with the framework to connect and maximise the potential sales with your ideal clients and using the workbook you will build a step by step plan that you can continually refer back to and update.

What we work through with you;

  • Reviews and Feedback
  • Referrals
  • Repeat Customers
  • Building your Professional Network Online
  • Applying your Networks to your Growth Plans
  • Content for Engagement and Sales
  • Prioritising Sales Opportunities
  • Knowing and Being in Control of your Pipeline
  • Personal Development and Business Growth


Do. can also be interpreted as “take action”

Don’t get us wrong as this is not a massive action as is so often touted by “the gurus” but action

that’s incremental, deliberate and above all planned.

It’s an action that you are in control of, an action that the outcome is as you intend and links to make you maximising sales opportunities.

Do. you will pull together your individual action plan that takes all your previous learning from Plan and Grow and feeds so naturally into the doing part of sales.

You would have already found that modern selling has no silver bullet and is now omnichannel. Put another way, you need to be present and active in more places than ever before because your buyers are. Selling is now far more cognisant of your buyer’s journey and your Do will reflect all of this.

Do will provide you with the clarity and confidence to execute your plan and the courage to embrace a new way of working. From here your sales plan is complete, robust and always available to keep you updated.

What we work through with you;

  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Post-Call Intelligence
  • Social Selling
  • Finding your Ideal Client on LinkedIn
  • Social Media Schedule for Sales
  • Networking Strategies and Follow-Ups
  • Elevator Pitches

Your Expert Trainers Are Here!

Rob & Steve are both experts in their own fields both bringing their own experience and knowledge to the table.

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Rob Taylor

Rob is an award-winning marketing professional with 13 years of professional marketing experience. He has seen the rise of digital marketing and adapted businesses to embrace the format rather than fear it.

The opportunity to lead your market with a modern approach is right now and Rob will help you see how you can apply effective marketing to your business in a jargon-free way, which is guaranteed to make sense to even the most novice of marketers!

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Steve Knapp

Steve Knapp’s inspirational selling techniques are still the cornerstone of Shell International. He rose through the ranks to become responsible for the success of the company’s sales teams right across the globe.

Steve’s now using that incredible knowledge to help business owners and sales people embrace a modern selling approach.

The author of Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy, Steve provides sales training in an energetic, pragmatic, actionable and outcome focused lessons that stick and deliver results.

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