Normalising a new way of working

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Modern Sales Training, Modern Selling, Thought Leadership

Normalising a new way of working

Normalising a new way of working is difficult.

Finding new ways to do things is exciting, and challenging creating new habits and new beginnings.

Well for some.

But it’s difficult if all you’ve known has been mixed up and you’re sales teams are looking for guidance and direction on how to sell in a new environment that just isn’t in your toolkit.

In all honesty, it scares you and you’re putting it off because the change you need to make seems massive and you’re not sure you can do it.

We understand that. It’s more common than you might think, you’re not alone.

All this SaaS talk, AI tools, social media and the likes…it’s opening up vulnerabilities all the time, isn’t it?

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Confront it or Avoid it?

We’re seeing many organisations confronting this situation and in a sales sense, we see this playing out in traditional businesses that are looking to communicate better to their existing customers and find ways to attract new ones.

This means finding ways to integrate digital into previous successful physical sales cadences is imperative.

There’s a whole piece about how the senior management and middle management levels are doing this as in many cases it’s a sales skill set they don’t have.

Many therefore ignore its importance and guide their teams to carry on regardless with more traditional prospecting methods and more traditional relationship-building activities.

This creates tensions within the sales team and only satisfies the uneducated who also are sticking their heads in the sand.

Convincing you that your line on “do more calls” is the way to go!

Resources to Help You

We’ve written about this in our sales book Modern Sales Leadership, in articles and in a few videos over on our YouTube Channel.

Leadership in a modern sales setting requires many of the skills that saw you deliver previously.

But we shine a light on those aspects that need constant attention in your sales leadership behaviours and provide the playbook for sales leaders to follow – pick up a copy here 👇🏼

Know How Your Buyer Wants to Buy

It’s not as daunting as it might seem and you must make sure your skills, habits and behaviours aren’t hindering your sales team’s chances of delighting customers and bringing in new business.

One common concern is where to begin and if I begin the team will think I’ve gone crazy talking about things I’ve avoided and put down as fads before.

Again, we see this play out and in reality, the changes you need to make might not be that big. You might likely be building on core strengths and perhaps you only need to make smaller changes.

Ultimately it comes down to “how your buyer wants to buy” and making sure you are selling that way.

Take a look at some of Rob’s thoughts and advice in this video on The Digitalisation of the Sales Process.

The Inconvenient Truth for Some

When we start to look at the future and future-proofing out sales we have to look at what our customers are telling us.

The research is there for us to observe and should confirm your thinking.

One thing is for sure the world of B2B Buying and B2B Selling will not go back to a pre-digital age.

We have to start addressing the silent prospecting activity that is a digital research, connecting and communicating.

Hard for some to accept if your DNA is hit the list, dial and jump in the car to go and see them.

Just take a look 👀

Reach Out We Can Help You

We help businesses find confidence through process and structure to succeed in a changed sales world.

Let’s talk about how we could help you and your sales team. or

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