Changing Times Fuel Growth for Yorkshire Training Specialists

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Press Releases, Thought Leadership

Changing Times Fuel Growth for Yorkshire Training Specialists

News release June 15 2021

Plan.Grow.Do, a specialist in growth and training within the colossal oil and lubricants sector, has seen demand for services soar as the industry adapts to a ‘new normal’ following the pandemic.

Plan.Grow.Do provides a mix of sales and marketing training support to some of the biggest brands in the world, including Shell UK, SIP Speciality Oils and Fuchs Lubricants.

Director Steve Knapp, who blueprinted Shell’s global sales function during a successful 23-year career at the multinational giant, says the Sheffield-based consultancy is on course for a record year.

“The pandemic has accelerated apprehension about the relevance and efficacy of traditional sales tactics. Consequently, we are seeing a lot of interest in Plan.Grow.Do’s services and we’re on course for record growth,” explained Steve.

“Businesses are changing rapidly due to digitalisation and the pandemic has only served to speed this up. Overnight, companies had to shift to different models of working and sales processes have had to evolve rapidly as well.

“It is becoming evident that businesses that adapt and strike the right balance between traditional and modern marketing and sales methods, in tandem with modernising their supply chains, can improve quality and compliance and unlock bottom-line benefits.

“The pandemic and the disruption it’s caused to established practices and ways of working actually delivers real opportunities for positive change and growth.”

Plan.Grow.Do, which launched just months before the pandemic, has delivered 4,500 hours of training since March 2020, with the majority being online.

“Working with some of the biggest brands in the sector, we’ve supported 500 learners to take advantage of our structured and implementable process-driven approach to sales and marketing,” added Steve.

“We know these are challenging times to be working in industrial buying and sales divisions but we are finding that a lot of challenges and pain-points are shared across the industry.

“We’re doubling down on our extensive experience to guide companies and employees through this rapidly evolving landscape.”

Plan.Grow.Do has been supporting SIP Speciality Oils and Fluids’ sales and marketing team in recent months.

Tobias Tasche, Marketing and Business Development Director, said: “The course was an excellent refresher on key modern sales topics but more importantly helped a change in mindset, preparing us for a post corona world with different buyer attitudes in our industry. It helped our thinking on how to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

“The course was well received and has led already to a number of tangible improvement projects to make our sales activity more effective.”


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