Funnel Vision – The Sales Funnel Board Game

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Funnel Vision – The Sales Funnel Board Game

If we know that a traditional approach to learning does not work, why are you looking for sales training that follows a traditional approach?

You know what I’m talking about don’t you…the slides, the classroom, the workbook and the role plays!

The dread from your sales team that they are going to be put through the sheep dip and come out the other side expected to use a new lingo a new process and display a new invigorated attitude to smashing sales targets.

Added to that what we know about learning styles and information retention you really should try something different

Let’s explore how we learn a little deeper.

The Learning Pyramid

Take a look at The Learning Pyramid and question why you’re even considering a standard classroom-style approach.

It’s clear that learning from others, gameplay and group work delivers amazing results in learning retention.

We move from a meagre 5% to a whopping 90%!

In this article, we are sharing a fresh and different approach to sales training.

Funnel Vision – The Board Game

Funnel Vision is a sales training game that helps sellers see just what sales funnel management is and show them through gameplay the impact and consequences of their choices, behaviours and actions.

It shows the value in customer management, prospecting, marketing and prioritising the right sales opportunities.

It’s a dynamic, immersive and engaging way to SHOW and INVOLVE sellers on the criticality of the sales process.

Using a Sales Process

Using SPANCOP as the sales process, sellers will spend money on marketing activities and manage their time to create Suspects for their business or territory.

The purpose of the game is to progress these sales opportunities whilst constantly managing the shape of your Sales Funnel.

The key is to ensure you have a continued supply of Prospects that turn into customers.

Being a game there are many things that will happen to distract, hinder or help your sales activities and in turn change the shape of your sales funnel.

Through gameplay, you are coached at the end of specific rounds on the shape of your sales funnel and encouraged to consider adapting your approach.

Through training interventions, we explain the reasons it looks like it does and the corrective action you can take in the next round to return to the classic shape sales funnel.

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Funnel Shapes

If not nurtured deliberately and intentionally a sales funnel takes the shape of The Blockage or The Feast and Famine.

These funnel shapes are driven by sales behaviours and choices. These funnel shapes directly impact a seller’s ability to remain focused and ultimately prevent them from hitting sales targets.

Understanding what you need to do and the actions you need to take to nurture The Classic sales funnel is what you learn when you play Funnel Vision.

Read Sales Funnel Types – Do you have a Blockage

Fancy a Game?

If you have a sales team or lead a sales team that you know would benefit from this new, fresh and innovative approach to sales training then let’s take the conversation further.

*typically training/gameplay requires 1/2 day and a minimum of four learners.

Read Premier Inn get Funnel Vision!

Buy Your Game

Funnel Vision – The Board Game

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