Customer Profiling Made Easy

Customer Profiling Made Easy.

WHO is your customer, HOW does your buyer buy and WHY should they buy from you?

In sales, you need to know the answers to these 3 questions. You need to know exactly who your customer is, the problems you solve and the emotions they have is a key to a successful modern seller.

In this 3 hour session, we will help you recognise who your customer is and importantly we help you find how to talk to them before they are ready to buy.

We will provide you with the skills and insights to help you recognise who your ideal customer is, how your buyer makes their purchasing decisions and how to position yourself and build your position of trust.

Master the skills of Customer Profiling, Customer Buying Journeys and Know Like Trust.

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What Is Customer Profiling Made Easy

What is our customer profiling training look like?

This is a 3 hour sales training course delivered online and live!

We will work with you across 3 distinct chapters of our Plan.Grow.Do. sales methodology.

It all starts with planning and putting your customer at the start and centre of your sales plan.

Customer Profiling – understand the dimensions in your customer’s behaviours and build customer personas that you’ll recognise as your ideal customer.

Buying Journey – understand the emotions that drive your buyers buying choices and match your sales approaches to connect to that emotion.

Know.Like.Trust – Build your position as a relevant and credible leading voice that your customers come to trust and turn to.

Taking control of these aspects of your sales and marketing will ensure you talk to more of the customers you want to do business with.


sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank
sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Who Is It For?

This course is for anyone who is responsible for communicating, marketing or selling to customers.

If you are a business owner, a leader of a sales team or a seller the need to find more of the right customer is getting harder and harder – this course if for you.

If you see your market place as cluttered and find it difficult to stand out from the crowd- this course if for you.

If you believe that everyone is your potential customer and find it hard to articulate what problems you solve or the opportunities you create – this course if for you.

If your buyers have migrated online and you’re finding it hard to find new opportunities – this course if for you.

If you lead a traditional sales team that need to build relationships with today’s modern buyers and understand modern buying behaviours – this course if for you.

You will leave the training course with the clarity, confidence and tools that enable you to talk with your customers before they ar are ready to buy. By doing this you will differentiate from your competition.


Customer Profiling Made Easy

These are are the core block of learning across our time together

Build your customer profiles.

Create clarity about the problems you solve and the opportunities you create.

What is a customer buying journey?

Learn how to get noticed by your prospects and connect to the 4 phases of their buying journey.

Key messaging to your ideal customers.

Build your messages on your buyers emotions and communicate with confidence and purpose.

Talking to your customer on and offline.

How we have to find customers has changed forever but has your selling methods?

Build your Know. Like. Trust.

Learn how to stand out from the crowd and get remembered because of your purpose.

Your Expert Trainers Are Here!

Rob & Steve are both experts in their own fields both bringing their own experience and knowledge to the table.

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Rob Taylor

Rob is an award-winning marketing professional with 13 years of professional marketing experience. He has seen the rise of digital marketing and adapted businesses to embrace the format rather than fear it.

The opportunity to lead your market with a modern approach is right now and Rob will help you see how you can apply effective marketing to your business in a jargon-free way, which is guaranteed to make sense to even the most novice of marketers!

sheffield city region sales training fully funded by skillsbank

Steve Knapp

Steve Knapp’s inspirational selling techniques are still the cornerstone of Shell International. He rose through the ranks to become responsible for the success of the company’s sales teams right across the globe.

Steve’s now using that incredible knowledge to help business owners and sales people embrace a modern selling approach.

The author of Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy, Steve provides sales training in an energetic, pragmatic, actionable and outcome focused lessons that stick and deliver results.

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