Covid Sales training for businesses now available

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Covid Sales training for businesses now available

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Tony Downing, has given his backing to training that’s been launched to help South Yorkshire Businesses mitigate the impact of COVID.

Plan. Grow. Do. is helping businesses to adapt, survive and maintain jobs with funded sales training for their employees. The training, available to business owners and staff, is now available to help them stave off the very worst of the impact of the pandemic in Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster.

The pioneering Plan. Grow. Do. Programme, funded by Skills Bank, is providing businesses with critical skills to compete in a world which is being fundamentally changed by the pandemic.

The Lord Mayor met with Steve Knapp and Rob Taylor, Plan.Grow.Do trainers, to recognise the benefit of the programme for businesses in South Yorkshire. Steve Knapp said:

“Our region needs all the help it can get in the face of the pandemic and it is an honour to have the backing of the Lord Mayor of Sheffield. “I encourage any business in South Yorkshire to take advantage of the training and have to thank Skills Bank for their support in making it available for the region’s  businesses.”

sheffield lord mayor councillor tony downing with rob taylor and steve knapp of Plan Grow Do
Rob Taylor (left) and Steve Knapp (right) with Sheffield Lord Mayor Tony Downing

Places are being booked on a first come, first served basis:

What to expect from Online Live sales training delivered by Plan. Grow. Do.

About Skills Bank.

Skills Bank gives employers across the Sheffield City Region access to high-quality training and funding to enable them to develop their business.

Skills Bank has recently made additional support available to help businesses affected by the Coronavirus.

Expert skills advisors help businesses to submit their applications and advise what other support is available.

To make an enquiry, businesses can visit

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